Slagging as Gaige?

So I’ve been retrying Gaige again, and I’ve reached the middle of UVHM after a long haul.

I’ve been looking for a good slagging tool, and I haven’t figured it out yet. How do I slag as Gaige?

Current build.

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I use the magic missile

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Either Magic Missile or Slagga + Close Enough + The Nth Degree or both

Any decent slag plasma caster will do if you don’t have the Slagga (I only just got my first one after playing since launch!)

If you don’t have a magic missile, a slag bouncing bonny or homing/longbow grenade is a reasonable alternative.

Interspersed Outburst is, in principle, Gaige’s slagging tool, but it’s pretty ineffective in UVHM unless you have it boosted by a COM to 10/5 - the more “badass” the enemy, the faster the slag from IO wears off, and fast moving enemies can often avoid the slag nova completely.

Edit to add: If you do decide to experiment with the LBT (middle) tree, Make It Sparkle can turn Deathtrap into a lean, mean, slagging machine.

Magic Missiles offer good slag but the missiles can be a bit slow and may not connect if the enemy ducks behind cover. However the regeneration and surprisingly decent damage (the 2x can strip shields) makes it worthy.

If you can get your hands on one the Florentine is a really nice slagging and shield stripping tool. You can also use the Grog Nozzle from The Beard Makes the Man in Tina’s DLC by not completing it.

A slag Pimpernel can work at low to moderate Anarchy stacks (I wouldn’t try it if you run around at 350+ stacks all the time). Obviously using Discord helps.

A good alternative if you don’t have a Slagga or MM.

Get the Slagga. Even at 400 anarchy stacks it still slags quite reliably at medium range, even without Discord.

With that build, I’d use the Slagga because it’s got a pretty good reload speed, slags things very well, and has a deep enough magazine that Smaller, Lighter, Faster’s magazine debuff shouldn’t be very noticeable.

If, for example, you have a large weapon with terrible reload time, and none of your weapons are reloaded (so no Cooking Up Trouble), you can reload the slowest item you have first (which won’t start Discord until the animation finishes), then switch to the Slagga, which you can reload very quickly, only burning maybe a stack or two.

The Magic Missile definitely works, but if enemies close the distance to you before those orbs have connected, they can hit hard (and now you’re slagged). There’s a minimum safe distance I use that grenade with. Plus, this frees up your grenade slot for something more fun (where you still have three slots for fun weapons, in case you’re not otherwise a fan of the Slagga).

Magic Missile, Slag transfusions, Pimpernel, Slagga, Florentine when Anarchy stacks are low or with Discord.
Gaige has no swap speed skills, so I tend to use my grenades.


Personally use a slag Crossfire but you do hit the nail right in its head.

Slag o negative for this guy. Works well, MM is probably better but I haven’t found a 72.

If you only need it for slag, a level 50 MM works just as well. The additional damage from the explosions is nice but not totally necessary. I have a bunch at various levels that are slowly making their way down my chain of characters.

Currently in the middle of my UVHM playthrough for Gaige too, the Slagga is working wonders especially with close enough. One of the easier Legendaries to farm too since you spawn right next to the Hodunks.

I’ll reiterate my comment on Interspersed Outburst, which is better following the recent update. See: