Slagging with melee

I’m playing in TVHM right now, but I thought to pre-emptively prepare myself for UVHM, getting in the habit of slagging, but I was wondering what the best way of slagging for melee zer0 would be- currently using a slagga right now, but I feel like I concentrate too much on one target- I would be interested to hear (read) what others do in regards to slagging


Magic Missiles are good. You can throw them, then pop into deception just before they hit. If you throw your decoy out of line-of-sight, you now have slagged non-aggro’d targets to play with and time to close in without the risk of self-slagging.


The obvious problem with using a roid shield is that you have to strip it, which makes guns your only choice. My standards are Slagga, Pimpernel and Rubi/Grog.

The Slagga is generally good but I find the Pimp works better as the flower can slag a few targets at once. The Rubi/Grog option is still good but the former takes some work. I use the Grog now, but the Pimp is definitely the best - plus it’s nice to have for those great Bore targets such as Saturn or the Bunker.

If you’re using a Love Thumper then you can use slag Crossfire/ Bouncing Betty or Transfusion. I’ve never tried Magic Missiles as VH suggested - I’m sure he’s gotten that to work, but I’d be concerned about one converging on me (unless using one that’s many levels under).

What might be of some help is that kunai can in large part replace slag - especially under OP levels. A strong roid shield with a properly spec’d build and a Ninja COM can take down regular targets without slag or kunai. Medium targets just need a volley of kunai.


Oh, didn’t think about the pimpernel, my maya’s got a banbury slag one, so I’ll try that out

Main reason I went for slagga was because I dont really (or don’t want to) use smg for damage, so that ammo pool is purely devoted to slagging

currently using law/order now, so ill wait until i do rakkaholics anonymous again for a slag evisceration rubi (just met lilith)


If you equip your weapon of choice, switch to a different gun, and switch back before the animation has ended, you can see your actual chance of causing elemental effect. For a brief moment, you can see your total chance of elemental effect due to BAR being included. Maliwan Sniders (with Maliwan barrel) have a very high chance for slagging. Just under 80 %. With Bar included, it can reach 100 %. Also… The level of the gun doesn’t matter at all. A level 10 gun will slag just as good as an OP 8 gun with the same parts.


Pimp. Or just your grog/rubi.
If you have a decent roid shield, you’d take out badasses with one Melee hit anyway without slag.


The pimpernel is working pretty well right now, so ill stick with it for now, thanks for the advice @Jefe

OMG the lord has spoken, thanks for the advice


I always go with Pimpernel for slagging on Zero. If you open up the quests up to don’t copy that floppy (don’t pick it up until clearing Talon of god so it will scale to 50 when you do) you can go grab a lvl 50 Pimp at the end of your TVHM journey and take that to UVHM.

If you don’t have a good roid shield at hand you can still use that as your back-up or even main gun until like lvl 60.