Slaglicked keeps awarding?

I have a lvl 72 Maya and every time I play it always awards me the final award for the slaglicked ba skill not really a problem doesn’t bother me just wondering if anyone else has this happening I completed that many many levels ago and it just keeps giving me the same skin every time I get on

This is a known bug with The Handsome Collection, all of the elemental challenges recycle but Slag Licked is the most noticeable as you’re always slagging enemies, especially with Maya. You’ll eventually notice “I Just Want to Set the World on Fire” recycling a lot as well, though far less frequently, it makes getting the platinum trophy a pain in the arse, especially since you’ll be using fire a lot, especially with Helios.

Thanks for the reply yea it’s not that bad I just keep selling the skin lol!