Slam Feels Pointless - Idea's to fix

Personally, I would love to make a build around Slam, there are a lot of really cool slam artifacts (Like the Pullout Method). However, I feel like I can never reliably use it to do consistent damage, making me lean towards other, more consistent/reliable methods of doing damage. These are my ideas to make slam a more useful tool for your build.

I don’t know exactly how the damage is calculated for slam but I think it would be smart to have it scale with splash damage (it may already but I’m not sure). It would also open it up to make AoE builds with it, like making a Demolition Woman Moze built to slam onto enemies over and over.

Slam damage should also scale with the height you slam from. The higher you are when you begin the slam, the more damage you deal with it. This would make it so you attempt to get as high as possible as often as possible.

We have plenty of artifacts that alter you slam itself, but I also think it would be a good idea to add more gear that allows you to slam, so you can consistently use these artifacts, for example:

  • Rocket Jump Rocket Launcher - A rocket launcher that you can shoot at your feet to launch yourself in the air so you can slam down onto your enemies.
  • Rocket Jump Grenade Mod - Basically the same as the rocket launcher but a grenade mod instead. Both of these would give you ways to get high above the enemy.
  • Low Gravity Shield - A shield that makes you permanently low gravity, like in the Skywell 27 map. This would give you a way to be able to consistently slam.
  • Slam Nova Shield - A shield that creates a nova on slam, this would make it so you have other options than just artifacts to alter your slam, opening up you artifact slot for other possibilities when making a slam build. If necessary make it so it removes a portion of your shield like an amp shield.

Of course there are many other things that can be done to make slam more useful, but these are just a few ideas of mine. If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them.


Yeah, I saw that post, I felt I had more I wanted to say about it than just the rocket launcher, I’m definitely not the first to think of that.

I like the double jump solution the best. Just make artifacts that boost slam give you a double-jump.

As for the potential problem of being able to get into areas of the map you shouldn’t, I just thought of a possible solution: don’t allow mantle after a double jump.


That is a really cool idea, and yeah they would have to account for that, they could always just update invisible walls. It would end up making some of the parkour segments pretty easy too.

Low Gravity Slam Artifact, sounds good, but on shields only if it has good capacity and stats else it goes to marcus. I guess they simply took the slam mechanic from BLPS but forgot that BLPS has low gravity everywhere.

But well, those effects in BLPS looked better anyway, I mean only the floating and flowing fluids and the tiles flying around, so good, those effects now all are limited to little puddles and look really shabby in BL3, I guess it wasn’t so good to remove Physix in BL3 afterall. :wink:

This could partly be solved with more maps designed with height differentials in mind. The Maliwan SS is an ok map for slams I guess, but who wants to play that?

It would be really fun if low gravity was a mayhem modifier, or if there were more maps with low gravity. That’s probably the easiest way to make the slam mechanic more relevant.


They definitely didn’t take it into account when designing the maps, I do really like the idea of a low gravity mayhem modifier, but that’s not really something you could make a build with, but it will make slam used more often. And it would feel really exciting whenever you’d get that modifier, I could imagine going against Troy or Traunt with low gravity.

I think in the thread that was linked to you, I suggested just making it where if you charge a jump, you could jump just slightly higher, allowing you to ground slam without needing a ledge. Maybe a run and jump ground slam could be a good tactic.


I never use slam. Seems kind of pointless. I mean if you have the gear to enhance it and you actually get the opportunity to use it and you actually think to use it at the right time…great. However, that’s a lot of ifs. It’s just too impractical IMO. The gameplay is chaotic enough for me to try and shoehorn in finding things to jump from. Maybe if you could slam just from a normal jump it might make more sense but as it is…I will likely keep vendoring/ignoring all slam specific items.


One thing is needed to make the slam more practical: double jump. Doom has this mechanic and makes the game way more flexible. If BL3 had double jumping it would be a godsend


That’s be pretty cool, I could imagine sprinting at a group and holding the slam button. I kind of see your character jumping forward and slamming kind of like Phaseslam.

It really is. I’ve tried and always have failed. In TPS, it was viable with the low gravity and Oz kits, but not anymore.

So, I previously mentioned having a “charged jump”, just hold the button half s second longer and have 1.25 jump height, just enough to ground slam. But maybe we’ll get new environments where it’s more feasible. Maybe we go back to Elpis, or another moon.

The problem with that is that low height slams are also some of the most usable in combat since they can be triggered by simply walking to a higher ground area rather than climbing houses or ladders.

Also, I posted a lot of tips about using slam mechanics:

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Very true, but slam doesn’t seem to do enough damage and feels more so like it’s stopping me from doing more damage with my weapon. If the damage scaled with the height it would be incentive to use gear like I mentioned to throw yourself higher into the air to do more damage, like the rocket launcher or double jump ideas.
And it definitely doesn’t do enough damage for me to try and make a build around.

The only useful slam is the spark plug, it at least easily melts one boss, but the others that create little puddles are meh.


True, I got a Spark Plug Pullout Method, with a bonus to AoE damage, I love that thing but I never use it because I just feel slam isn’t effective enough, especially in Mayhem 3.

Maybe instead of direct damage, it can do a lot more stun and push back if the enemy is too close. Also, do you know if the elemental bonus that is usually listed is limited to just melee, or is it also to elemental gun damage?

If listed as melee It’s only melee, but works with Face-puncher of course.

Hm, so then if it’s listed at the top, it’s probably just melee. I was wondering because I have an incendiary moze build, and had a relic that increased incendiary damage by 50%. I was so excited, but then was confused if it was just melee.