Slam Feels Pointless - Idea's to fix

If the increase incendiary damage by 50% if listed on bottom, it’s overall and also for guns.
But if it says deals 50% incendiary damage on melee, it’s only on melee.
There’s also an artifact that deals random elementar (every 5 secs another) damage on melee, this one is great for Face-puncher, because you get another element every 5 secs on a shotgun.

The Slam would be more appealing if you could do it from the peak of your jump, even on level terrain. BUT YOU CAN’T. And the very fact that you can’t makes it practically useless.

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If movement speed affected you while airborne it would make for some sick sliding-into-jump-slams.

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I don’t understand the overreaction of “it’s impossible to slam, it’s useless, etc.”

See that trash can over there? Go jump off it, there’s your buttslam. See that box? See that bush? See that fence? Go jump off those things and buttslam. You’re already running around trying not to die, just incorporate the jumps/parkour into your rabbiting.

I’ve been using a Spark Plug item, it plants an electric coil when you buttslam, and it’s great. It even melts mobs on its own in MM2 when I plant like 2 or 3 in a row.

And to not be totally contrary: I read somewhere in the game something like “Use buttslams to reveal secret trapdoors!”

But where are all these trapdoors I’m supposed to be buttslamming down through? Where are all the secret loot pits that can only be accessed by using my luscious booty as the key?

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind a gun trinket or accessory that reduces your personal gravity.


I suppose another option would be to something like adding a way to initiate the slam while crouched on the ground that would cause a higher than normal jump that transitions immediately into the slam. That way using the ground slam attack is more viable in most cases but doesn’t provide additional vertical scaling ability to the players to be used to get up to areas they weren’t intended to. Though at that point I’d also feel like it would need a cooldown of sorts so its not overly exploitable with things like slam effect artifacts.

Depends on the relic, the cryo, corrosive and neutral ones kinda suck, spark plug can strip the shields of almost any enemy and hot drop deals a lot of damage with the fireballs, it can usually kill flesh enemies in one shot and if not the DoT chance is very high.

In fact, I often use a Hot Drop relic to kill annointed early in Mayhem when I did not have a proper arsenal yet.

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I don’t think slam is impossible to use, you can use it decently often if you put thought into your movement, but there really isn’t any way to guarantee you to get a slam if there isn’t anything around or to set yourself up to slam in specific locations, you rely heavily on the map you are in, making it nearly impossible to do consistent damage.

I’ve found that some of these artifacts do a pretty good amount of damage, especially in earlier difficulties, but in nearly every case I would retire these artifacts for something that made more impact with my build, and I can’t find anything that really synergizes with these slam artifacts, allowing me to make a good Mayhem 3 build.
On top of that skills seem to have little to no impact on slam.

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I don’t want to slam, I want to shoot the guns. I don’t ever use it and just ignore the artifacts with slam on them. Which considering the limited storage space is helpful to have an item I can sell without a thought. I don’t slide very often either but it is more useable.

Oh and they intentionally removed rocket jumping like was happening in BL2 so I doubt they would put anything resembling it back into the game.

So I’d prefer they don’t do anything further with it.

Seconded. ~80% of Artifacts have a Slam bonus, yet the mechanic is so impractical, it can’t even qualify as a potentially usable gimmick.

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It’s use in Borderlands 3 is very situational compared to Presequel. It’s a shame it isn’t used more in Borderlands 3.

idea… give those artifacts the ability to double jump (it’s friggin outer space in the future for crying out loud haha)

voila, useless crap becomes instantly viable :wink:

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make it scale with melee % damage increases!
simple as that

the problem with a lot of these ideas, people would star to abuse them, allowing them to get into places they norally wouldn’t i could see a lot of abuse of something like that. me personally i think the slam was a left over from pre, and really just needs to be removed from the game.

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I see why that would be a problem, that’s why I was thinking just a quarter in jump height increase if you charge the jump.

Also reducing the lag on it. It’s WAY too comittal to be worth doing. Stalls you in air as well which kills combat flow a little bit, but the endlag is even more of a problem.


It does scale with height and was tested. (I tested it too to confirm.)

I try to use it (slam) when I have an opportunity just because it’s fun. As @Damn_Joe just stated. The “recover time” can get you in trouble and more than cancel out any benefit.
Recently found a Spark plug and might give it a try. As I just made it to lvl50 and didn’t found any great Artifact yet.

I have seen this mentioned before. As long as the terrain isn’t accessible by the double jump itself you could simply prevent mantling from occurring when you use your double jump. This would negate most instances of getting somewhere where you shouldn’t be.

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this is the answer i think. long before getting A snowdrift artifact, i slide cancel slided everywhere, cus it feels good. its fluid, its controlled. the more i think about incoroporating small objects to gain height, the more usable slam sounds. its a skillcap, and it is fun to try and add method to your movement. they just need to get rid of the animation. thats honestly the only major problem imo. if it feels good and is fluid, im much more incentivized to try and incorporate it into my build.

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If they also made the second jump 100% vertical, then along with disabling mantle that should completely negate any ability to get somewhere you’re not supposed to. Literally the only useful purpose of it then would be for giving you a guaranteed means to execute the slam move, which is exactly how it should be if it’s uniquely bound to slam-focused artifacts.

I easily get to such places anyway, without double jump, also don’t think this is of any concerns anyway, there is nothing there but no-clip mountains, empty spaces and dangerous voids. :joy: