Slamming from any height?

I had heard we would be able to slam from any height now in the latest update. It isn’t working for me…anyone know what happened with that? Sorry if this was already addressed, I haven’t seen it yet.

Need to turn it on in Guardian Skill menu

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Its a guardian rank perk

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It’s the new passive ability in the red bar in the guardian rank, you can unlock the new passives when you bring them all at lvl 100

remember to actualy turn the passives on!


I played last night for the first time in ages and noticed the Perk allowing you to use slam from near maximum jump height. However, they still haven’t fixed the animation and it’s horrid to use…still. Might be handy now and then for certain mobs.

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If you have certain slam artifacts, this Guardian skill is actually really good. I was using a Safe Guard and you can basically have 57% damage reduction indefinitely now.

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I just watched a video of a Fl4k only slamming and killing Wotan. It’s not horrid.

Plus the slams count as a melee hit. So get one with cutpurse and refill ammo.

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Thank You!:grin:


Love the Onyx reference there! Some good Old School…those guys are from about 60 mins. away from me here in Jersey. Queens. I’m in the 2nd hottest Covid 19 State in the USA right now. Scary sh*t. Stay safe everyone.

It’s not slamming from any height though. It’s specifically slamming from the peak of your jump, though you can jump from any height (flat ground).

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Slamming is fine, its the animation i don’t like. Whether it can be effective or not is another issue, and i know from threads in the past a lot of other people had a dislike to this. If your looking down and slam, it keeps you in that animation until you’ve finished and looking up and ahead. You can’t turn or move or cancel the end of it, and it’s pretty slow to recover. I’d like them to finish the slam when it’s down immediately after hitting the floor then you could turn or move quicker.

Press jump again at the height of my jump. Got it-thanks!