Slaughter event: anything worth farming?

Just curious if there are any really good items that are worth farming from this event? I haven’t spent much time doing these slaughter modes and when I look at the loot list of items that drop from the bosses my overall impression is pretty “meh” so it makes me think this event isn’t that worthwhile. Is that impression wrong? Are some of these items really that good?

I have the same impression.

I really like the Rowan’s Call, Maggie, Shreddifier, and Lyuda.

As far as whether it is “worth it”…it depends on how you like to play and if you enjoy the circles of slaughter.

For those wondering which ones those drop from, check here:

Plus the dedicated drops from the end boss,there is a ton of legendarys that drop too while doing the rounds especially slaughter shaft

Yeah I was wondering about that. I assume the event doesn’t increase those other drops? The way it was worded it sounded like it was only dedicated drops from the bosses. Too bad they didn’t increase drops from all enemies along the way. That sounds more fun/useful.

Not 100% but I think the higher tier enemies near the end of the round have a increased chance to drop the dedicated drops because I’ve seen multiple butchers and shreddifers towards completing rounds in slaughter shaft