Slaughter Shaft Blindness

I have just been playing the Slaughter Shaft to try and farm Loot Ghosts (I had a few but not many). But here are my thoughts: The drop rates are sooooo high on M10 that after round 2 there is so much loot on the ground that you cannot see who you are fighting anymore. You spend half your time running blind through a rainbow of loot spears.

By the time I had finished ther was approximately 100 legenderies and hunreds of purples, blues, and greens. Way to many to even look through.

My question is, can we get this down a bit. Is anyone playing the shaft at M10 picking up greens, blues or even purples? Maybe these could be swaped for ammo which would make less glare and be picked up as you run through it.

Does anyone else feel this way and have any suggestions?

Play on a lower mayham level? You could try that or pick everything up and sell it but that’s not very productive with the current use of money.

Screen pollution in general is a problem in Borderlands 3. Everywhere glowing discs, projectiles, nova puddles, skulls, glowing items on the ground, explosions…


Add Moze and it’s even worst

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A possible fix is to offer us the option to suppress streamers/item cards while in combat.

There’s obviously an In Combat status flag somewhere, or things like Floor is lava wouldn’t turn on and off.

So make it an option “Suppress item details while in combat”, I’d be happy with that.


add detterence field zane for more fun

screen polution has always been a problem in this franchise
bl3 like bl2 did just keeps getting more content and more things happening so eventually it gets messy
I feel like TPS did a pretty good job making things more distant from each other and combat feeling less clustered

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Now with Ghast Calls = even more pollution

I was going to ask for a loot beam toggle and here we are. Item cards popping up while in combat is annoying as well. Having to use the minimap to find your enemies is pretty crappy. Add in all the over the top visual effects and it’s one big mess.

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TBH I probably use the minimap as much as the screen to find enemies anyway, just for tactical reasons, regardless of clutter. But yeah, clutter is getting beyond ridiculous.

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why they felt the need to give EVERYTHING a beam and no way to turn it off is still a mistery… just like why they seem to not see obvious bugs while playtesting :rofl: (they do playtest, right?)

Back when we had a timed event that gave in reased loot from badasses, it was nigh unplayable. The game prioritises legendaries over lesser loot so it was a sea of gold.

They really need to add a way for us to filter so only more specific kinds of drops show. Like, make it so only legendaries with certain anoints appear.