Slaughter Shaft drops

I just did Slaughter Shaft at about lvl 45 with Amara.

It takes a while and drops…two mediocre legendaries.

My overall impression was, why did I spend the time…

I did a run earlier with a couple friends at 60 m10, and by the end there was probably 35-40 legendary most were vendor trash but I did get a couple really good items,
But while leveling yeah I can’t see a point to do it. Minus experience? I guess

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do you hate playing?

It’s one of the best world drop farms on high Mayhem at max level. But until you’re there, I think there’s probably better farms.


Just thought I’d try it while bringing up Amara. Thanks. I didn’t realize the drops would be so weak at lower levels.

Here’s the aftermath of my last Slaughter Shaft run (NVHM MH2):

I picked up maybe 5 items at the time? And added another 3 or 4 from Lost Loot afterwards. So you should be seeing more than you did, but maybe you’ll need to fire up mayhem mode to at least level 1 or 2 to get the drops. FWIW I’m not specced into any luck stats at all, but I do roll Lootsplosion for the easy modifier. That gave me at least one double-drop that I saw.

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