Slaughter Shaft enemies glitching into upper viewing area and other areas

I have been having a fairly consistent issue when running Slaughter Shaft for some time now. Typically in the late part of the mission enemies will glitch into the viewing area upstairs and other inaccessible areas of the map. They are unkillable or virtually unkillable depending on where exactly they are. If you can kill them with something like Kill o the Wisp you use up all your ammo to maybe kill one of them. Tracking grenades can sometimes get through the shutters, but most of the mirvs won’t make it through. The other area is to the left of the garage. There is a room there that you can see light through, but not the enemies trapped. Again big splash weapons can sometimes kill them in here, but not always. I’ve had it where they are stuck in both locations at the same time. Since very frequently in the final rounds all of the ammo chests are empty there’s no way to replace the ammo to kill the other trapped enemies. I don’t know if the empty ammo cases are intended or not, but it’s damned annoying when it happens. This was not happening before, but after one of the updates (I’m unsure which) it occurs often enough that I have basically stopped using this area just like the Circle of Slaughter where enemies get glitched virtually every time I do that.

I had thought it was just one weapon (The Recursion) that was launching enemies into these areas, but that’s not the case as I’ve had it occur when it using that weapon at all.

Thank you for your attention.