Slaughter Shaft Farm Tonight @ 9:00 PM EST

Do you like loot? Do you like getting sweet revenge on nerfed Anointed Enemies and extremely accurate Badasses of all shapes and sizes? Look no further than this post from me, some random guy!! Please come join me at 9:00 PM EST for the slugfest, that so many Badasses and Anointed enemies so rightly deserve. I will be hosting this lobby until 2:00 AM tomorrow morning. Come on down to finally squash these turds with me and other motivated Vault Hunters. This farm will be running True Vault Hunter Mode Mayhem 3 forever, until 2:00 AM. All I ask is that you arrive hungry for multiples of the same loot, but maybe they won’t be. Hopefully not. Thanks for entertaining my bs and reading this ridiculous post, also Fl4k 4 President of Hyperion cuz I killed Jack in the last game. Thank you for stopping by. Comment down below with your PSN to join this farm.