Slaughter shaft / Proving grounds hell! :)

Currently at endgame and got a couple of builds I wanna try out but I’m abit confused

1.) Are all the slaughter shafts the same in terms of difficulty or is their a order

2.) Are all the proving grounds the same difficulty or is their a certain order.

3.) If their isn’t a order what would use recommend a begginer heading into these for endgame.

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I find 3000 easier than Cistern due to rakks and Slaughter Shaft due to wave of rocket launcher wielding cov which crash my PS4 one time.

Cistern is a joke of a slaughter circle since its mostly just creatures which are flesh (and some armor only but rarely having multiple health bars)

3000/Maliwan is fairly easy but I’d say more difficult than cistern

And slaughter shaft is definitely the hardest but it also rewards you a ton of legendaries in return for that difficulty.

I can’t say much about proving grounds, they’re all fairly easy imo but I haven’t given them much playtime, been using slaughter shaft as the area to stress test my builds and gear mostly

Slaughter Shaft (Almost only badasses, best for legendary drops, hardest).

Cistern of Slaughter (medium difficulty, mostly because of rakks)

Slaughter 3000 (easiest difficulty).