Slaughter Shaft with 5+ Anointed

Played the slaughter shaft on mayhem 3 yesterday and had over 5 anointed fiends appear every round. Was cool but also was some next level stuff of battle. Anointed zealots were teleporting and spamming the epicenter nades, launcher bandits were out to get me as well as occasional anointed militants. Who else encountered this? Is this normal? Despite dying often and never getting to round 3, legendaries were dropping left and right and a radiation Faiser was attained

it happened to me as well. For me it is whenever my game crashes and I re-launch it without any of the hotfixes, i.e. offline mode.

it is funny to see though to be honest, getting a second wind from anointed enemies on the other hand… not so much funny xD

Some of the rare moments where you are thankful for floating skulls (if any are present) ^^