Slaughter star 3000

I usually run the Slaughter Shaft but since I hadn’t done the Slaughter star 3000 yet on my Zane I hit that one up last night. Only 3 legendaries dropped on M4. Slaughter Shaft drops 30-40 usually. Also I felt the Slaughter Star 3000 was harder. Hell I even died on the last round once. My Zane never dies. Bigger map, slower to spawn enemies, and a couple of different levels on the map make it hard for Zane to keep up his skills. That’s all fine though because I like the challenge. However only 3 legendaries…not worth the time. Did I just get super unlucky or is this how that map is?

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Hey there. My brother and i do a lot of slaughterdome related farming. The slaughtershaft in konrads hold is by far the best for legendary loot. The other 2 Domes, the Slaughter star 3000 and the one on Promethea are not as crazy as the slaughter shaft. In my opinion the 2 other shafts show you how the drops should be and in konrads hold is some kind of drop overkill. maby the enemys who spawn in the shaft are just more likely to drop a legendary then any other enemy. Your observation is very right.

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I’ve always said the Shaft was the easiest of the three. I’ll take a pack of badass tinks over a pack of badass heavies any day. And I’ll take two packs of each over even one Prismatic Rakk

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Yeah, I just ran the slaughter star for the first time yesti and the legendary drop rate was super weak. I think there was about 5-6. Slaughter shaft dropped tons. I did both on m4 as well.

I ran it also yesterday for the first time. I had about 20-25 legs on the ground. Couldn’t finish it. I was on the very last wave and ran out of ammo. No idea what drops I had as I raged quit after getting knocked off a ledge.
Rng gods were not on your side…or maybe they were on mine.

I’ve had good and bad runs on all the Slaughters. Honestly, it’s just RNG. I think I’ve had my best runs on Cistern so far, but that’s also the one I’ve run the most. Do whichever one you enjoy best - the drop chance overall is going to be the same on each.

Unless the giant mechs at the end of 3000 have a higher drop rate? They darn well should! It would take a LOT of runs to figure that out though - up to do 1000 or so?

The badasses with rockets in SS poop out ALOT of legs. In the beginning I was just doing 1st&2nd rounds in the Slaughter Shaft… It was like farming Gigamind without restarting the game until I lost too much $$ by way of suicide.

Those maliwan heavies have never given out many legendaries. Star 3000 is pree cool tho, I like melting Mechs even if the leg drops aren’t as plentiful.

last time I did the garbage with the giant robots their loot fell off in inaccessible places so I am not feeling much inclined

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Big Red and blue gave me greens :face_with_monocle:

It was weird.

FT to the entrance should achieve the same thing and preserve your $$$.

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