Slaughterhouse 3000 quest not popping up after story completion

I beat the game on normal and got the quest to go to the Slaughterhouse 3000. I beat it on TVHM and it did not popup and it is not in my fast travel options. My brother beat it on normal and it did not pop up for him either. Is it currently glitched?

Probably it’s a bug, where did you get the quest the first time btw?

It, as I understand, just popped up after I put the mayhem key in. But it did not do that for my brother nor my TVHM. I can fast travel to it in my normal mode but not my TVHM.

You have to pick it up manually if it doesn’t pop up.

You have to go to Nektrotafeyo - Desolation’s Edge and head there (cursor on map)


Thank you so much bud!