Slaughterhouse Problem

How do I reach the ledge after defeating the final two bosses in the slaughterhouse?

I can see the legendary drops but I can’t jump far enough to reach the platform.

I keep dying trying to jump the gap.

you mean slaughterstar 3000 I presume?
Well that’s the reason I never did this stuff again, I did it like last october and still the same I see.
For the fun story I tried to go over the platform using Amara action skill that allows her to fly, there is actually an invisible wall, so no matter how high you jump you can’t go

maybe they’ll be in my lootbox?

Actually I was farming for Lucian’s Call and it did show up in my loot locker.

So yeah… it’s a bug … if not for my loot locker I would have been screwed.

That’s what it’s for…