Slaughters and out of bounds enemies

I see a few topics sort of like this, but not one exactly like it, so here goes. I have the same problem with Cistern of Slaughter and the Slaughter Shaft–I get deep into the rounds, doing fine, and bam, one or more mobs gets blasted into the geometry or out of the arena. The wave won’t end, of course, so I have to repeat it. Of course, it happens usually on the last wave of the last round before the final boss. I am kind of tired of redoing these, especially Cistern, where the legendaries don’t drop as much as with the Shaft, where they drop like rain.

Naturally, I’m using Amara with either a richocet or an ion cannon build, so there’s a lot of blasting.

Using the recursion shotgun sometimes causes enemies to fly off the map and not die. This has happened to me so many times.

Would be nice if they could program some kind of automated mechanism for a stuck mob, where if they don’t move or fire their weapon for say…a minute, they either despawn and respawn fresh, or issue a command that resets their position on the map. Could limit it to certain areas where progress is dependent on all mobs spawning correctly.

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