Slaughtershaft Glitch?

Just did SS on Mayhem 4 with my dad to level up an Amara for him. We each had over 100 legendaries drop. We did not die over and over in round 5 to bump up the drops.

Is it supposed to be like this?

Co-op on M4 in the SS will drop that much loot.

We do it all the time together and we’ve never had a run like this. Most of the time we get between 35-45 legendaries. This was close to 150.

There is Co-op event going on that increases the amount of legendaries… I thought it was ending today, but I guess it hasn’t.


It ends on the 30th.

Co-op Loot Drop is scheduled to run through the full month of April. During the Co-op Loot Drop, all Badass enemies will drop more loot whenever you’re playing co-op. It’s that simple!


Holy schnikes! We’re gonna need a MAJOR capacity increase in our Lost Loot Banks if they’re going to do events like this! :exploding_head:

And I still say that 40 slots is WAY too small for our Backpacks, and this proves it! :unamused:

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I really hope at some point they will implement a way to clear a map of loot or send them all into a temporary holding place like lost loot, but available in the map to sort through and clear clutter. Playing like that long enough will tend to degrade performance or crash.

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