Slaughterstar 3000 bosses not spawning

First post!

Anyway I’m trying to farm lucians and rowans for a buddy of mine in slaughterstar. Three times last night the bosses didn’t spawn at the end of the last round. Was it just bad luck or have others had this too?

Yeah, had that happen, too. Did you notice any of the previous waves starting prematurely before you were done with the last one, by any chance? Because I do believe those bugs might be related.

Yep sure had that happen too. Really annoying having 3 waves of those guardian type dudes swarming you. Thank god for handsome jack hammer and transformer shield. I’m a sucker for disappointment i guess cuz here i am on my 4th time through. Maybe 4 is the lucky number :joy:

Well they spawned, they died, they dropped their legendary where i can’t reach them. That’s irritating

Slaughterstar 3000 is super bugged, and I haven’t really seen any fixes for it.

At least on PS4, I’ve had:

  • Enemies get stuck behind the wall they spawned from, making them impossible to kill and progress the wave.
  • Enemies get down to 1 hp and then not be killable, making them impossible to kill and progress the wave.
  • Waves spawning on top of each other. Sometimes just 2, sometimes continually.
  • Bosses not spawning at all, or spawning in an early wave.
  • Torgue deciding that I won and beat the whole circle somewhere around wave 2 or 3.

Slaughterstar 3000 would be my favorite circle of slaughter if it worked. As it is now, it’s too buggy to run now that I got the achievement. I hope they fix it.

Agreed! I love playing through it but the glitches get irritating. First time after finishing my moze bike i got all excited to burn through it. Got to 4th wave of 4th round and had a guy get stuck like you mentioned two times in a row. The bugs def get frustrating.

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Just had this happen, so definitely happening on PC (all hotfixes applied).

I get it on Xbox around 2 runs out of 10 now. I remember the first 3 times they never spawned and on the 4th run I’m like the hell are these guys, Lol!

At least it’s a glitch across all platforms i guess?? :man_shrugging:t3: It’s till fun to play but when you’re trying to farm specific drops and get skunked from a glitch after 30 minutes gets a little irritating.