Slaughterstar 3000 - enemy stuck off the map

This is now my 3rd time in like 10 runs, that an enemy is stuck off the map.
(this time it is Round 2 Wave 4)

I am unable to kill him and thus need to suicde to restart the round. Obviously i will get the penalty for dying.

Fix your game asap and stop punishing me for your inability to ship a functioning product.

Besides that, focus on fixing your game. After that you might start ruining the game with your so called “balance changes”.

Brief update: After suiciding and working my way back to said Round 2 Wave 4, again there is one enemy stuck in the south of the map. I am unable to attack him, thus unable to clear the wave. Well done.

Gearbox, is this the quality of your products you want to ship to paying customers?
Is this the kind of quality this company and its employees want to be known for?


Same issue round 4 wave 3 enemy stuck in north part of map outside visibility

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This is sad to hear and goddamn annoying that Nerfbox cant get their priorities right.