Slaughterstar 3000 Issue after Issue

Have tried to complete this arena maybe 10 times now and other than the (waves of near unkillable re-shielding,healing NOGS) Ive been softlocked/forced to killmyself or quit about 10 times now due to one of these things happening:

No enemies left alive, round wont end

For some reason the medic triage dudes are immortal and theres one unkillable one not letting me finish the wave

Enemy stuck up in one of the rooms up top and unreachable by any means i tried to kill them

This arena has been an awful experience so far :c

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I am on attempt number 4 now. On Round 4 Wave 5, I kill all enemies and the final enemy or two is stuck in the walls on the south side of the map.

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plus wave and waves of rocket wielding enemies, which causes too much visual pollution and might crash your game sometimes.

I attempted to beat this on mayhem 3 for 5 hours and decided to turn off mayhem mode the next day and took 5 hours again completely due to a bug where the enemies would get stuck outside the map. Another problem was the electric heavies move where he shoots the pylons that conduct electricity, it killed me almost every time and killed my pet too. The only advice I have for this level is to kill jetpack troopers first as they’re the most likely to fly out of the map, and focus the electric heavies to avoid they’re insane moves. There’s also a glitch where the round ends with some enemies remaining which causes the atlas soldier to join the fight and he can also revive you(makes it a lot easier), Hope this helps anyone struggling.:blush:

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I’m having mobs glitch inside walls offmap in Cistern of Slaughter and rounds quite literally for no detectable reason not progressing after killing all mobs.