Slaughterstar 3000 location glitch

I completed torques circle of slaughter but for some reason it says i haven’t unlocked the location and its the last one i need for 100%. Has anyone found a fix for this?

You already found slaughterstar and it’s not appearing? Or are you having trouble finding it?

Infact i’ve completed slaughterstar but its saying i havent even discovered the area


That’s weird, so are you able to travel to and from the location still or has it disappeared entirely? Did you potentially complete it on tvhm or normal and you have the other loaded?

Also did they actually discover it in their game, or were they playing it in somebody else’s game?

Did you maybe “find” the slaughterstar through online matchmaking?

Because this is what happened to me. Since I had not discovered the location in the game at that time the achievement didnt pop as well.

The fix was to find the location normally and re-finish the slaughterstar. Afterwards my achievement popped up.

This happened to me, refused to say I found it and was last location I needed for achievement. The good or bad news depending on how you look at it is it popped for me on TVHM so you can get the achievement but you gotta get there on next run.

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