Slaughterstar 3000 won't complete

I finished all 5 rounds, killed both bosses and nothing happens. No more bad guys and bosses are dead. Round 5 won’t complete and doors won’t open. Am I missing something? Lvl 60 Flak on mayhem 1.

I’ve had this happen on rare occasions (like once) - I think someone gets yeeted out of the map, and as long as they’re alive, the slaughter won’t complete. You can try running around the perimeter of the map to see if the enemy dot shows up on the minimap, but even if it does, actually damaging it may be impossible.


WTF Gearbox? Every time I attempt Slaughterstar 3000 something fcks up. Nowhere else in the game do I or my system have any problems, no crashes, stutters, hangups, screen tear, nothing. But Slaughterstar 3000 will not complete. EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT something fcks up in the game and I can not complete the event. It is not my computer or the drivers crashing, I checked my logs. The only error I get is that very generic error text box from the Epic launcher that says Borderlands 3 has crashed then asks if I want to send a report and restart. I have had wave after unending wave in round 5, more than two hours of 5th wave of round 5. I have killed everyone incl. bosses and doors will not open. I have had doors open but unable to walk thru the door. Most of the time (more than 10 attempts) the game just crashes either just before or just after the blue boss dies. It is this level of frustration that makes me question why I spent money on this game.