Slaving multiple turrets together?

I know that multiple barrels on a single turret can be slaved, but can multiple turrets be slaved together?

Edit: Weeellllll, I can’t figure out how to delete my own post, so yes, turrets can be slaved. Just add Slave1, Slave2, etc to the turret name.

Yes I never figured this out in 10 years of modding. LEGO ships don’t have gun turrets usually. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yup, I figured this out myself, HOWEVER…

The turrets will all be offset based on the primary barrel as to where they aim. If you have a bunch of turrets are down the length of the ship, the ones on the ends might not ever hit the target of a narrow ship.

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That explains why it’s missing worse than normal. I figured it was the funky shape of the ship it was shooting at.

Hm…acceptable I suppose. Thanks for the heads up Xer!