Slayer: Is it broken or just Sh*tter than I thought?

So, mayhem 2.0 sucks, and I’ve been using slayer because it’s one of the few modifiers I liked. The whole “GO FOR GLORY!” thing seemed fun and I enjoyed it.
Then I noticed that I wasn’t getting second winds when I meleed enemies and slayer killed them. It’s stupid. When there’s one enemy left and you accidentally slap them to death while in FFYL, it’s so frustrating.
But, now, I’ve realised, you don’t even get any XP. So, what’s the point? I put all the work in, to get an enemy down to 15% health (and that’s health, not health/armour/shields), and all I get for it is some health and shield boosters. That’s p*ss poor.

Ah, just seen this: Slayer modifier
So, apparently, gearbox broke it on purpose, to avoid it being broken in another way. Jeez, can they do anything right? Mayhem 2.0 is a total disaster, and it feels like every modifier has issues.

I’ve rerolled my modifiers and eventually found a new setup I can cope with. Dunno why I can’t just pick the ones I want, but oh well.


Anyone else still having issues with the modifiers?

Nope! I found the perfect solution to GB and their stupid f*cking modifiers… I stopped playing.


and how long did rerolling take lol

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In addition to it being unhelpful on two levels, irradiated enemies explode and deal massive damage to you.

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Longer than I’d like. Lol.
At least I was only looking for “not-so-bad” modifiers, rather than specific ones. Still wish I could just pick them from a list, though.

I’ve been using Slayer and I’ve wondered why my melee wasn’t reviving me. That’s unfortunate. Guess I’ll reroll for Speed Demon.

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Yes …

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