SleepMaster's Weapons

(Sleep Master) #1

Eridian Mega Lightning


Upgraded version of Eridan Lightning, it has incrased damage, zoom and +600% critical chance features.



Eridian Flame Fury


Two firing modes Eridian Weapon. When no scoped it shoots flame projectiles moving in crazy pattern, they have very high chance to ignite enemy. When scoped fire rate is reduced and you shoot big fireball granades what have big explosion radius. This weapon name is reference to Molten Fury - a pickaxe in Terraria.



Eridian Poison Needler


Two firing modes Eridian Weapon. When no scoped it shoots Badass Corrosive Spiderant needles what stick to enemy and then explode with high corrode chance, also they have incrased critical hit damage. When scoped fire rate is reduced and you shoot Corrosive Wave what always apply corrosive status effect on all possible places on enemy.



Eridian Shock Bouncer


Two firing modes Eridian Weapon. Although on weapon card you can see that it doesnt do much damage, projectiles shot by this weapon always case shock explosion each time projectile hit wall, they can bounce infinite times unless their life time is depleted wich is especially deadly in closed spaces. When scoped fire rate is reduced and you shoot big shock ball what splits into smaller ones on impact.



Eridian Binary Cannon


Eridian Weapon what randomly shoots “1” and “0” bullets. “1” bullets are shock and cause shock explosions, and “0” are fire and cause fire explosions. Also bullets leave trails when they fly, they bounce two times and they penetrate enemies. The red text is reference to famous qoute from Pulp Fiction.



Eridian Splash Cannon


Eridian Weapon what shoot 3 projectiles at very low accuracy and have big explosion, they come in all element variation. This is my attempt at creating E-Tech shotguns from Borderlands 2.



Maliwan Firework


This is weapon for fun, it shoots bullets what use a lot of ammo and relase a random color firework with huge explosion radius dealing both explosive and incendiary damage.



Gearbox Fish Cannon


This is weapon for fun, its a rocket launcher what shoot fish projectiles, and they explode into even more fishes dealing corrosive damage.



Dahl Duality


Dahl SMG with double twisted barrel. Shoots two bullets what move in spiral one is explosive and one is incendiary, they bounce 2 times when they hit wall. Both name and red text are reference to Slipknot song Duality.



The Horseman

Request Weapon


Atlas Shotgun what shoots longbow mirv grenade what explodes into all elements.


The Horseman.rar

Maliwan Tormentor


Very powerfull Maliwan Repeater, its proc depend on hit surface so when you hit flesh it will proc with fire, when you hit armor it will proc with corrosion and when you hit shield it will proc with shock. Drains your ammo when equipped. Red text is reference to Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow.



Atlas Zeus


“Buy an Atlas, and you too can see what it feels like to hold the power of the gods in your hands!” - This Marcus quote literally describe this Sniper Rifle. Each time you hit something a lightning hit from the sky. It’s kinda ridiculous in closed areas but it can’t be helped :smiley:



Jakobs Magnum


Jakobs Magnum is sheer power revolver, it has high damage and huge knockback, but it suffers slow fire rate. Both name and red text are reference to Half Life series.



Dahl Beast


Low Damage, high fire rate and shoots as fast as you pull the trigger.



Vladof Patriot


Vladof Patriot is Sniper Rifle what has 100% chance to penetrate shields. Red text is reference to Slipknot song People=Sh*t



Vladof Salvation


Salvation is a Rocket Launcher what shoots volley of homing rockets, they have small explosion radius but high knockback so they may send your enemies flying. Very fun weapon to use.



Maliwan Trinty


Maliwan Trinity shoots rockets in helix spiral style. It shoots 3 elemental rockets at once - fire, corrosive and shock. Both name and red text are reference to Matrix series.



Hyperion Direct Hit


Hyperion Direct has huge damage, very high projectile speed and low explosion radius. This gun is pure Hyperion Rocket Launcher - rockets explode only when you hit enemy so you have to be accurate, if you miss rocket will simply dissapear doing no damage. Both name and text are reference to Team Fortress character soldier and one of his weapons. R.I.P. Team Fortress 2, this game died with free to play update.


Direct Hit.rar

Maliwan Devourer


Maliwan Devourer is Defiler’s older brother. All bullets have huge procs what deal insane corrosive damage.



Hyperion Vanquisher


Hyperion Vanquisher is low damage but it has huge critical damage boost, so headshots kill most enemies in 1 hit, and bodyshots do little damage.



Dahl Predator


Dahl Predator is Sniper Rifle what works like exacly opposite of Sniper Rifle, when you bodyshot enemy you score critical hit and when you head shot enemy you do no damage. This effect is only active when scoped.



Atlas Omnia

Request Weapon


Atlas Omnia is shotgun what splits bullets into non proc elemental bullets.



Dahl Vulture


Dahl Vulture is fully automatic Assault Rifle with huge fire rate. Red text is reference to Dahl Raven weapon red text.



T.K.'s Shotgun


Here is old classy Jakobs shotgun wielded by blinded zombie widower T.K. Baha.



Holy Revolver


Weapon for fun it has small chance to convert enemies to fight for your side. I don’t advise using it on main bosses though cause you wont be able to finnish quests and you will be forced to restart game.



Eridian Adamantite Shield


My first prototype of Eridian Shield what has really huge capacity, high recharge delay and -75% health penetaly. Basicaly this shield mimic Guardians with their huge shield and low health.



Gatling Turret Spawner


Another weapon for fun. Its grenade what consumes 9 grenades per throw and allows you to spawn Bandit Gatling Turret anywhere you want. This Turret has double damage compared to normal Bandit Turret.



Bandit Weapons


One of my first projects when I started modding Borderlands. It basically removes all part restrictions to weapons and allow very sick part combinations like for example Skullmasher Bessie Orion. For now there are 3 types of weapons avaliable - Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Revolvers. Also there is chance for getting Bandit Buzzaxe melee weapon and King Wee Wee’s Buzzaxe. Also there are unfinished bandit masks what make bandits friendly when you wear them.




Link to the old forums about Bandit Weapons

DLC3 Crimson Lance Scorpios


Crimson Lance Scorpios are grenade mods what allow you to throw Crimson Lance Scorpios from DLC3 + some modified versions made by me for example you ahve original Flamethrower Scorpio deployed by Badass Lance Pyro and I’ve made Acid Thrower version of it.



Link to the old forums abou Scorpio Turrets


At first make sure that you have Dr.Zed patch installed. Its needed to run custom content. You can download it here.

WARNING! If you use steam version be sure to remove file nvcpl.dll from Dr. Zed patch. That file is needed to run editor but not custom content. On steam version that file will be crashing your game

After downloading files place them in following directory:

C:<your instalation directory>\borderlands\WillowGame\CookedPC

To add weapon to your inventory you willl need WillowTree program wich can be downloaded here.

Open your save with WillowTree, go to Weapons tab press New, at the bottom list of items New Weapon appeared. Click it and then press Import Weapon and select from File. File with code is included in each .rar file for each weapon. After importing press Save Changes. And save your character.

If your gun doesnt appear in game try to set it as equipped in WillowTree.

Now you can enjoy custom weapons!

Hey guys! Here is copy of my thread from old forums.
I will try to update it with new stuff, but for now you can download my old weapons again.

If you have any questions about what each gun exacly does you are free to ask. Sorry but I was just too lazy to search entire old Post Your User Created Weapons (PC editor ONLY) thread to find descriptions to my stuff.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #2

Still decided to try out the new forums buddy?

(Sleep Master) #3

Yeah, but still I really dislike these new forums style, I more liked old ones. But at last people will know I am not dead ^^

(Alucard) #4

WOOT FINALLLY!! Thanks Sleep!

(... you can also call me Marla.) #5

** cough* * me too… :- P
Now that the old forums are dead (for now?), it’s super you put up everything here again!
And now that I play BL much more on PC I can finally try out all your fancy weapons… YAY!! :smile:

Can’t wait to use:
Trinity, Patriot, Tormentor, Duality, Fish Cannon, TKs Shotty = Because of red text references <3

Bet the Eridian Weapons will be fun to use too… so uber. XD

THANKS A LOT for also making such crazy amazing stuff!

(Sleep Master) #6

I am glad to hear that you like my stuff :slight_smile: I have still a lot of unfinished projects wich I really would like to post here, but for now I am mostly working on DLC whith Mr Grimmjow, Nola and Dopefiend.

(3lolekmaster) #7

I remember there was a project of yours with black chests that can drop your weapons, has it been abandoned?

(Sleep Master) #8

Its not abandoned, it will be part of upcoming DLC, but for now I am working on Eridian Weapons and Shields. I am going to make Eridian Weapons actually worth collecting :smiley:

(3lolekmaster) #9

Cool! You’re working on a separate DLC or is it the same NolaFTW, Grimmjow and Dope are doing?

(Sleep Master) #10

We all work on it together

(3lolekmaster) #11

So these black chest will drop all kinds of cool stuff, like Grimmjow’s and Nola’s weapons (which are just as awesome as yours) or will they drop only your stuff? :smiley: Sorry for asking a lot of question but I am helluva interested in it.

(Sleep Master) #12

Lets say I will need to work some more on textures so this chest will be usable for every weapon, not only these made by me, because when you open chest it looks like this:

(Shining Moonlight Nova) #13

I reeeeaaally like where this is going. So looking forward to that stuff <3

(3lolekmaster) #14

This desing is badass, don’t change it, but maybe add the names of all the weaponry creators on the top or the chest, so it’s like credits to all of the weapon makers, or completely delete your name and leave that badass cybernetic design.

(Sleep Master) #15

Yeah, thats exacly what I had in mind when I said I need to work on textures, I will place all names there. I have idea for this chest to ALWAYS drop our custom made loot, and each red chest will have small chance to turn into a black chest.

(3lolekmaster) #16

How about that all chests in this DLC are Black Chests and have a moderate chance of dropping custom loot? So you will be able to farm it like normal legendaries/pearls with less RNG.

(Sleep Master) #17

I wanted these chest to be rare and valuable, like when you see this chest you will be sure you get good loot.

Also I added brief descriptions to all my guns on first post so now you can read what exacly they do.

("I PUNCH HIM!") #18

Hey man are you ever going to go back to the bandit weapons and finish up smg’s?

(Dopefiend) #19

So I woke up to see your posts this morning and I instantly had an idea. Dynamic chest spawning. This means there wont always be the same chests in places you expect to find them, they will have certain chances of spawning in different areas.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #20

Like s6 did with his ABL map. Good one!