SleepMaster's Weapons

Right now you can only add them with WillowTree, but they will be world drop in 5th DLC

Will there be new gunz in the new dlc sorry for asking in the wrong topic

When I am done with enemies I will definetly work on more guns

What the explosive badass enemies

Will Nola’s weapons be in the dlc

How do you make custom weapons I’m trying to make some myself

Here you have video tutorial:

Also there wont be Nolas guns in 5th DLC

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Or how do I get Nola’s guns then

Maybe from Nola’s thread? Maybe from some videos on his channel? Seriously, a quick search would get you what you want. Just a suggestion.


i know that no one have repied for an year but i want to mod borderlands like changing guns stats for pure fun not gonna build a huge modpack and release is just for personal use so… which program i need to use to mod the guns stats because most of forums it says to use willowstree but that is for the savegame and that i already know it how to use it …

thanks in advance …

FYI: You can’t edit vanilla guns.

If you want to edit the vanilla game I suggest popping in w/ the BL2/TPS modding community.

I was wondering about this because I have not been witness to such awesome combos. I tried WillowTree and I didn’t get anything crazy that way either. How exactly does this work? I have been able to use every item in your mod selection, but I haven’t seen this crazy combo thing that is supposedly supposed to happen. Is it a drop and if so, what are the chances to get a crazy combo weapon?
I also read something about some patch 1.3 or something. Is there a chance that’s why I am not seeing these combos?


hey sleepmaster hope you are still around reading this. your mod is amazing and here im hoping you could still update your bandit weapon mods.

borderlands game of the year edition has 6 gearbox legendary guns with new unique parts. are you able to add these parts into your existing bandit weapon upk so they can spawn as well?

example, bessie has 500% crit, one new sniper part has 800% crit… etc a good bonus.

Sorry I am busy right now with work on 5th DLC which is currently my only modding work for Borderlands. For now I don’t have plans on creating new bandit weapons.

no problem, thank you very much for replying man.

btw what tools are used to unpack and repack .upk files?

You need to run Borderlands editor to edit .upk files. Check out @Dopefiend’s tutorial

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Seems that the “bandit” weapons just don’t exist and none of these mods even work.

Seems that you’re doing something wrong.


Hey SleepMaster, i followed your old custom weapons and i never could make them worked and finally work with this upk files and dr zed patch :smiley:
I wanted to ask you if its possible to make work the old Stinger Rainmaker grenade launcher in upk file i dont know how it works and how to creat a single modded gun in upk file. There is a tutorial for that ? i want to know how to re-creat those olds amazing guns :slight_smile:

ngl i have no idea what im doing with this and I wanna get into modding guns do you think you could tell me how I could get started? i love your guns and they always give me inspiration to make some myself but again I’m like a total infant here