SleepMaster's Weapons

I have dreamed of this since 2009. Thank you so much.

There’s a lot of items that I like. Eridian shield? Yes please!

Gonna try out some stuff.

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I am glad that you like my custom conetent :smiley: Feel free to leave feedback if something is OP or need buff, because I tested these items and weapons only myself so they might need some changes :stuck_out_tongue:

Really sweet stuff.
I started a session and noticed my Devourer and Duality had disappeared. Weird.
Also, the Tormentor pistol does not seem able to score critical hits? Might be a byproduct of its effect though. No idea.

Hmm thats really weird, it never happend to me before D:

On Tormentor bullets dissapear on impact dealing no damage but they make proc, thats why it doesnt score critical hits


I know why. If you join someone’s server, anything that’s custom and equipped will be deleted from the inventory. This is because of them not having the files and they can’t run it. And Borderlands thinks it’s not an existant weapon. It goes off the host’s catalogue of weapons and if it doesn’t exist, it gets deleted. Also, if you have a custom weapon in your inventory, it crashes the game if you do it in someone else’s game.

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I really love Mr. Grimmjow’s Vials to drop items, so I decided I would make something similiar but instead of vials I would use a SleepMaster Bobblehead :smiley:

I actually have made this model long time ago, but I didnt know what to do with it untill now


That’s actually strangely adorable!

Looks like I’ve checked this out at the worst time as none of the links are working right now, even this cute bobblehead disappeared after working just moments ago.
I guess I’ll have to wait before finally giving them a spin.

(That Vanquisher though :3)

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That looks awesome! Kinda like a badass Steve.

Will you be making new weapons as well?
I’ve got some ideas if you 're interested.

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Propably Dropbox had some problems, but I ve checked it right now and all links should work fine.

For now I am not working on any new weapons, but I have some crazy ideas in mind what I will realise in future. And sure you can write some ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do these bobbleheads of yours work with Grimmjow’s drugz? Or are they like denying each other? I’d love to be able to drop both of your loot collections! Especially Bandit Weapons are tempting…

They are not yet done but they will work alongside each other so you can drop both weapons from me and Mr. Grimmjow


That’s absolutely fantastic, thank you!

I’m a little new with your shield, will it have a chance at dropping every thing in this thread?

Sorry but its not yet made to drop all stuff, for now it drops only Bandit Weapons.

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Does the Scavenger shield still drop the other weapons with the bandit weapons?

hey sleepmaster, just curious about bandit weapons king wee wee’s buzz axe. does it spawn from regular enemy or only king wee wee farm runs?

It can spawn from any enemy as long as you are using bandit farm shield

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thanks good to know!

also another one sleep master. i read that all restriction are removed and i tested with shotgun/revolver they work just fine, especially shotgun works with parts that come with both combat and assault shotgun , however bandit sniper rifle wouldnt work with other parts at all.

for example, dahl penetrator barrel or hyperion executioner magazine. because bandit sniper rifle is not semiauto so i thought its only for non-semiauto parts. I proceed to mod and try with bessie and no luck still didn’t work… did you specifically blocked those cause it’ll be too powerful? lol

No I didnt block anything, but whats the point of modding it? Its better when you find a random overpowered one. My best find for sniper rifles was bessie orion skullmasher :smiley:


woah no way. then i guess its time to pull out that bandit shield to farm until i find the item part hahahah.

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