SleepMaster's Weapons

(3lolekmaster) #21

I just hope those chests won’t be god dank rare :anguished:

(Dopefiend) #22

Wasn’t aware that had already been done. :’(

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #23

Lol rekt.

(Sleep Master) #24

I think maybe I’ll do it after I am done with our collab.

What’s the point of making something special if it will be common? I’d rather stay with idea for them to be rare.

I think its good idea to do that, even if s6 already did it. In my opinion it will be really usefull feature in our DLC.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #25

Yeah we could have the normal grey chests, red chests and crimson lance chests in the dlc and then these super special rare black chests which contain either Sleep’s’ Bandit or Eridian or my TDW weapons. Would be sick. Besides its not only s6 who did this. GBX also did this in the vanilla game so…

(3lolekmaster) #26

So Nola is not in your collab and his custom gear won’t be included? :sob:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #27

Uhhh… He is?

(Angry Crux Guy) #28


(3lolekmaster) #29

I dunno, I’ve heard (or rather read) he is :anguished:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #30


(3lolekmaster) #31

Somewhere on ze forums, maybe I’ve imagined that ■■■■ but ay, whateva, it would be great if there was custom content from him as well, he has some fine weapons.

(also known as brandpanz) #32

The Poison Needler seems to be missing a sight. Is the sight part a.) missing from the upk file, b.) in the upk file but has a name that different from the one in the text file, or c.) completely fine and my computer is just not processing it correctly?

(Sleep Master) #33

Poison Needler has ironsights just like Flamefury so everything is fine with your computer :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Sleepmaster, so I’ve been playing Borderlands with your weapon mods, and I’ve got a question: How in the world does the Bandit Farm Shield work? I can’t seem to get it to drop things. I’ve tried depleting my shield, I’ve tried dropping it, I’ve tried killing an enemy with it, how do you get it to work?


Nevermind, I solved my problem.


Nevermind again. Question: Is there a version of the shield that has a 100% drop rate to drop loot? If so, where can I find it?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #37

I believe he never made one. Its all RNG bound.


Oh. Well, I’ve been looking around the internet and I found proof that this shield exists. If you could help me find it, it would definitely help me.

(Impala) #39

I have dreamed of this since 2009. Thank you so much.

There’s a lot of items that I like. Eridian shield? Yes please!

Gonna try out some stuff.

(Sleep Master) #40

I am glad that you like my custom conetent :smiley: Feel free to leave feedback if something is OP or need buff, because I tested these items and weapons only myself so they might need some changes :stuck_out_tongue: