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Sorry but for now I focus my energy on the 5th DLC project so for now I wont be making any other custom content. However I have a lot of crazy ideas for weapons, just not enough time ^^

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dude man i put together bessie, skullmasher and hyperion invader lol hurts so much. i love how your color of weapon is read and above pearls, we need more of those :slight_smile: getting way too many legendary custom and pearls… need reds and u know, other color.

heh need a bandit weapon of each type :smiley:

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I’m farming forum fighters map with bandit shield 2 revolver 5 shotgun 2 sniper in nearly 5 hours
Btw thx sleep master for reply and gl on dlc

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I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but I recently tried adding a weapon through Willowtree, and the layout is a little different from the videos on YouTube. That’s not so much the problem as when trying to import one of the weapons from a file, Willowtree doesn’t see the .txt names. I tried changing the open file type to “all” and chose the .rar file, and Willowtree crashes. Does anyone know a workaround for this? Thanks.

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Try copy+pasting the individual code parts into the new weapon/gear manually, I think that’s how I’ve always did it and it worked.

(Winglessflight97) #66

Thanks for the reply. I know what you’re talking about. Where can I find the code parts for Sleepmaster’s stuff? I found some of Grimmjaw’s.

(Angry Crux Guy) #67

Should be in the text file included in the .rar after you extract it (at least the bandit shield spawner has one)
I use 7-Zip as it’s free and does the job well you just need to right click the .rar then choose 7-Zip then extract.

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There is .txt file in every .rar file you download. With what weapon exacly do you have problem?

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All of them, actually. I’ve downloaded the .rar files and the issue is that i will open willowtree and navigate to the folder that i stored the weapon files, and it doesn’t identify any of the .rar files. It shows other folders, but no weapons, even though i can open the folder in windows and see them plain as day I’ve tried relocating the .rar files somewhere else on my computer to no avail. I also haven’t been able to import via clipboard. I’ve tried several times now to import Grimmjow’s vial codes. I save the changes, then overwrite the appropriate save file only to have nothing show for it in my backpack in game but the “new item” does show in the “Items” tab on Willowtree. I’ve modified my character and made level upgrades to my weapons in Willowtree successfully. The Willowtree format is different than what’s shown in everyone’s videos. Is it the version of Willowtree that I’m using that’s not compatible with the code or .rar files?

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It ought to be compatible… you’re clicking new in the items tab then clicking on the “new item/weapon” that gets added to the list and then adding the code into the item/weapon parts right? You also need to click on “Save Changes” for it to “create” the item and then you to save the file.

Also just to confirm, you have the upk(s) in the Borderlands -> WillowGame -> CookedPC folder correct?

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According to Grimmjow’s page, they are to be put into the CrookedPC/Packages folder. Is that correct, or should it just be in the CrookedPC folder as you stated? Linked first is a screenshot of where the .rar files are, then what is seen when searching for them through willowtree. I’ve also include a screenshot of where I’m inputting the vial code as the third link so you can see what I’m seeing with the willowtree interface. Willowtree automatically creates a “New Item” when you press “Import”. Clicking “New Item/Weapon” then “Import” creates two items in this version. I did notice that when copying from the clipboard, Willowtree is cutting off the last 4 lines of script (numbers) in the code. Last is the code as it appears and was copied from Grimmjow’s page. And, yes, I am saving the changes and THEN saving the save files as you stated.

photo Screenshot 3.png

photo Screenshot 4.png

photo Screenshot 5.png

photo Screenshot 7.png

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For giggles, I moved the weapon .rar files to the CrookedPC file (one step up from the “packages” folder) and got the same result. No-show in willowtree.

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But you need to unpack these .rar files and .upk files go to CookedPC folder while .txt files are only to use on WillowTree. If you had them just in .rar format no wonder it wasnt working for you.

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I think it doesn’t matter (or at least everything appears to be working for me and I have them in the CookedPC folder) unless you to organize everything.[quote=“winglessflight97, post:71, topic:480606”]
Willowtree automatically creates a “New Item” when you press “Import”. Clicking “New Item/Weapon” then “Import” creates two items in this version.
It’s been awhile since I’ve imported a weapon and thought it tried to overwrite whatever was highlighted, sorry :([quote=“winglessflight97, post:71, topic:480606”]
And, yes, I am saving the changes and THEN saving the save files as you stated.

I figured you were but figured I ought to make sure.[quote=“SleepMaster, post:73, topic:480606, full:true”]
But you need to unpack these .rar files and .upk files go to CookedPC folder while .txt files are only to use on WillowTree. If you had them just in .rar format no wonder it wasnt working for you.

Like Sleep said, they need to be unpacked and the upks go in the folder(s).

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Sweet. Yeah, apparently I missed the instruction to unpack the files. Worked like a charm. And oddly enough, the vial showed up in the backpack too. You guys have been more than helpful :slight_smile:.

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I am glad you got it working :slight_smile: Be sure to leave feedback on what you think about my weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow… This is how I feel, now

photo kittygun.gif

Now if you could only figure out how to make this!

photo multigun.gif

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Borderlands the 5th DLC on Parteon:

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My apologies for my previous blunder as I didn’t bother to scroll up a bit and read an already answered question I had at that time.

However, today I would like to ask the technical aspect of one of your mod, namely the Bandit Weapons.

Driven by curiosity, I extract the content of said mod and take a look at the materials being used. After tinkering around in WT, I deduce some fact;

  1. There are 13 types of material used by a revolver and a pump-action/semi-auto sniper rifles, and 18 types of material reserved for combat/assault shotgun.

  2. The materials are further divided into 5 distinct groups. 1 material for each weapons aforementioned, are reserved for rare group thus make all the available material into minus 1.

  3. Each remaining group (4), will have a material serialise in a multiple of 4. Group One will have material 1,5,9,13…, Group Two, 2,6,10,14…, Group Three, 3,7,11,15…, and Group Four, 4,8,12,16…

My questions are;

  1. What are the difference attributes between material to material in the same group if there any, apart from colours?

  2. Apart from the bandits have a good disposition towards the player, is there anymore else the Bandit Mask can do?

  3. Is there any way to read/discern weapons/class mod attributes other than in UDK?

  4. Is the Bandit’s Buzz Axe included in your upcoming DLC as well? If the answer is yes, would the attack button still make the player throw it at the enemies rather than to melee at him?

(Sleep Master) #81

Hey, sorry for late answer but my work is killing me and I barely have time to check the forums. So to answer your questions:

  1. They provide similiar bonuses like diffrent manufacturers for example incrased fire rate like Vladof, incrased damage like Jakobs etc. I dont remeber really what exacly they give I would need to check the package.

  2. Well I planned for these masks to be actual classmods, but for now any work on this mod is paused because my attention is focused on 5th DLC and a bit of Eridian Weapons.

  3. Sadly no you can fully read only in UDK, in game it will display attribute on item/weapon only if you make it displayable. It may also be invisible like encumberance on Eridian Weapons for example or +100% critical damage on revolvers.

  4. Yeah I would like to include it into the DLC, and I think I might have found way to make it melee attack on left mouse click