SleepMaster's Weapons

(Diablojd521) #82

Thanks a ton @SleepMaster for your awesome content you and Mr_GJ have the best stuff. I hope things workout for you soon.

(Sleep Master) #83

Thanks man :slight_smile:

(Calebismybro) #84

Ill take some badit stuff if you dont mind bud i really want the multiple projectile smg from claptastic voyage!!!

(Wubeditionx7) #85

Hey sleepmaster these weapons are really cool and shout out to grimjow too for his weapons as well you guys are awesome. I just had a question though will these guns of yours sleepmaster will they spawn in chests like the one you created or from enemies or can you only obtain them by putting them in willow tree.

(Sleep Master) #86

Wich smg do you mean exacly? Can you give me name? I played claptastic voyage and I dont recall using smg like that

Thanks I really appreciate it :slight_smile: About the weapons they will drop from enemies, from normal chests and these special chests you mentioned when the 5th DLC is released.

(Calebismybro) #87

I thought there was a bandit/scav smg like the slagga or tattler in pre sequal. I could be wrong though, but I hope not! Lol

(905425847) #88

Hey I’m not sure you can still saw this but…It seems like all the weapons image is no longer available? Can you renew them? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Sleep Master) #89

Thanks for info, Dropbox changed all links for some reason. I updated everything you should be able to download everything now

(trollingdonut) #90

Hello my d00ds these guns look frikin awesome especially that mega lightning, i have yet to find really good bandit weapons except maybe this masher revolver with 310x7 damage and 4.4 fire rate, im pretty sure thats good, but anyways ive been having tons of fun with bandit farm shield, what i use to farm these weapons is underdome 2.0 from dopefiend for more fun, or i just go on craw himm and kill a bunch of rakk

(905425847) #91

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: love your work

(trollingdonut) #92

ummm… guys i tried to edit my bandit sniper rifle to try out that skullmasher bessie invader, but it just deleted my bandit sniper rifle ingame

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(Crusher) #94

Hi SleepMaster, I recently found your custom weapons, they look really awesome! I loaded them how you described but when I try load my character in the game, the game crashes. I have uploaded a picture I took of the error. To me it looks like I’m missing an update or something? Maybe you can point me in the right direction please?

(Crusher) #95

Wait I think I found what I need, didnt see it before, do I need the ZBL path?

(Sleep Master) #96

Yeah, you need ZBL patch and make sure to delete nvcpl.dll file from it if you are using steam version of Borderlands. Sorry for late reply I was kinda busy lately.

(Nap04) #97

Can this be used alongside other weapon packs, such as Mr.GJ’s?

(Sleep Master) #98

yeah they dont conflict with each other

(Eligibledrop1) #99

I am new to installing weapon mods or using files, I am a xbox/ps type person. Please tell me all the things I did wrong. Once the zeus finished downloading I added it to the cookedpc.

My first attempt I downloaded the zeus weapon then used winzip, I took the code from the text document and added it to willow tree new weapon then import. It appeared but when I saved everything and launched borderlands I had the same weapons and didn’t receive the zeus weapons.

After reading some of the comments I used some kind of extractor to open ALL the upk files and kept them in cookedpc folder. I was looking for a code inside the zeus folder where the materials, balance are but I couldn’t find any. Last thing I tried was putting the same code as the first attempt to willow tree thinking that opening the upk would solve the problem but I still received nothing.

I’ve been doing this for 2-3 days and I am still stuck, I looked for tutorials on how to install your mods and even Mr.GrimmJows but I am really horrible at these stuff.

(Sleep Master) #100

Mods are unfortunatlly PC only, I cannot help you there :frowning:

(Eligibledrop1) #101

Oh I must have confused you, I am doing this on pc I was just pointing out that I’m not good at files because I play on consoles.