SleepMaster's Weapons

(Sleep Master) #102

Okey from what you are saying it seems you dont have Dr. Zed patch installed. Try installing it and then using WillowTree to add code.

(Eligibledrop1) #103

I ran win7_fix as administrator and it said “failed processing 0 files” did I install it right?
ZBL_PatchPublic5.4 file folder, ZBL_PatchPublic5.4 winzip file are in the borderlands directory and win7_fix is too. UE3ShaderCompileWorker is in the binaries.

(Sleep Master) #104

Okey I have another idea why it might not work for you. When you create new weapon and paste code into WillowTree do you save that weapon? I dont mean saving your edited save file but saving edited changes to the weapon. Thats one of the most common reasons why weapon doesnt appear in your inventory.

(Eligibledrop1) #106

I restarted everything because I was not organized. Dr.Zed patch is done, I installed the 11001 Eridian Binary Cannon. Opened it with winzip. Placed the upk to cooked pc and left the text document on my desktop. I imported the code from file, it showed up I equipped it and press save changes from the gun and saved the game file. Launched borderlands and it wasn’t there.

Edit: I do save the weapon changes

(Eligibledrop1) #107

Resetting everything worked I reinstalled Dr.Zed Oasis Mr.GJ’s TDW and your weapons, you have no clue how happy I was to finally use your weapons.

(Sleep Master) #108

I am glad you got it working :slight_smile: Enjoy the content and be sure to leave feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ajzolocsik) #109

I have really enjoyed this mod. I have a picture that I would like to post if you are ok with it. One of my best moments with this mod was when I shot the Rakk Hive with the Holy Revolver and was unable to kill it.

(Sleep Master) #110

Sure, feel free to post pictures :smiley:

(Ajzolocsik) #111

Perfect timing.

(Jonbellamy14) #112

Sleep how do u get these gunz randomley from chest or from enemies and bosses?

(Sleep Master) #113

Right now you can only add them with WillowTree, but they will be world drop in 5th DLC

(Jonbellamy14) #114

Will there be new gunz in the new dlc sorry for asking in the wrong topic

(Sleep Master) #115

When I am done with enemies I will definetly work on more guns

(Jonbellamy14) #116

What the explosive badass enemies

(Jonbellamy14) #117

Will Nola’s weapons be in the dlc

(Jonbellamy14) #118

How do you make custom weapons I’m trying to make some myself

(Sleep Master) #119

Here you have video tutorial:

Also there wont be Nolas guns in 5th DLC

(Jonbellamy14) #120

Or how do I get Nola’s guns then

(Some say sic sense) #121

Maybe from Nola’s thread? Maybe from some videos on his channel? Seriously, a quick search would get you what you want. Just a suggestion.

(Luisferreira2009) #122

i know that no one have repied for an year but i want to mod borderlands like changing guns stats for pure fun not gonna build a huge modpack and release is just for personal use so… which program i need to use to mod the guns stats because most of forums it says to use willowstree but that is for the savegame and that i already know it how to use it …

thanks in advance …