Sleepy Vault Hunters

hello everyone. i just had a question for the community, does anyone get sleepy while playing Borderlands? my friends starts to like fall asleep almost while we are gaming. sometimes he has to take naps while the rest of the party plays haha. if we play anything else he has no problem staying awake, but an hour into BL he starts to get sleepy. does this happen to anyone? have you found a remedy to the problem?

Call Heisenberg.

Really though, maybe long bouts of Borderlands just isnt his thing. Nothing you can really do about that.
Have you asked him if hes bored with the game or maybe his character? Perhaps he needs a more upbeat vault hunter.

haha. ya i thought that at first but he loves the game and prefers to paly it over anything else, he started with Zero but around like LVL45 got bored and switched to Salvador. that didn’t really do anything and he got bored quick with Salvador (weird). we just started new characters and he is Krieg, just right up in the ■■■■.

Eh not so weird that Sal bored him. Sal bored me.
I was going to suggest Krieg for him. Hes a maniac and can be quite involved in combat. Despite Zero being my favorite, Krieg is my favorite when i just want to go crazy. Maybe he’ll be good for your sleepy friend!

lets hope the commentary alone is awesome for him, i playing as the siren and I’m just loving the destruction in the Cataclysm tree.

this only happens when I am playing alone and leveling.

Funny that … I used to fall asleep while farming the Warrior and wake up in the lava …

Glad it’s not just me then :smiley: