SLI support (and CrossFire)

Dear Gearbox, can we please have an official SLI (and CrossFire) support for Battleborn? I’m playing at 3440 x 1440 with an overclocked Titan X and I still get fps drops frequently when the action heats up. My second idle card will immensely help if enabled.

Nvidia released a new set of drivers (365.19) that added an SLI profile. The problem that I can see with this, running 2 GTX 980ti SLI at 3440X1440 is that the performance seems to be slightly worse, going from a decent percentage of single card GPU usage to around 40 - 50% on each card after profile applied. Not sure whether this is an NVidia or Gearbox issue.

Actually, that driver had no SLI support. It was a driver to “optimize” Battleborn, but no SLI support.
Please Gearbox, add SLI support for Battleborn, those of us with very high resolutions and refresh rates monitors require the second gpu to run optimally.