SLi support for BL3

Hey everyone, this is my first post so hopefully it’s not taken as some spam rubbish!

I’ve recently got myself two GTX 760 4GB and SLi’d them and have noticed BL3 doesn’t support SLi :’(

So I’ve been looking into SLi profiles and the ones I found online didn’t really do much for me, getting around a 15-20FPS boost on top of running one 760.

I began testing profiles myself and found one that seems to work really well, instead of 70ish fps (new game screen/main menu) I am now around 135-140! well impressed. Anyway since it was a pain in the butt to find I thought hopefully I could help someone else looking to run SLi for BL3.

Using Nvidia Inspector I modified the Profile for BL3, I changed the below;
SLI Compatibility bits (DX1x): 0x080020F5 (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Dark Souls II, ARK:…)

Really pleased with the results, seems to work fine.

I did have stuttering with 2x 760’s at 1080p on mostly Ultra settings so I lowered to just below 1080 and it’s smooth as a babies butt. - Turns out the Stuttering was me using way too much VRAM, lowered the Draw Distance to LOW and the game runs on almost full ultra! and smooth! :smiley:

Hopefully that’s useful to people.

Forgot to say I am running DX11 and need to do more testing, but so far, best profile I’ve found.


Unfortunately for SLI users, Gearbox has optimized the game to work mainly with AMD graphics cards. It has basic support for the directx features on Nvidia platform but SLI does not really work very well. You can browse around for support with hacked profiles that vary due to hardware differences.

It’s a shame that changing a few bits in the nvidia inspector would probably solve your problem and enable much higher frames for your hardware, but the developer has an ostensibly profitable deal with a competitor manufacturer and will provide only the bare minimum of support.

Consider also, the Nvidia 2010 series (single card solution) owners who can barely get the game to run at 4k resolutions over 40fps while the same card will run most other games at 90fps.

Hey, I just bought the game and wanted to get SLI up and running on my 1080 TIs and this worked great, thanks for the post. Furthermore, I would suggest you set the maximum pre-rendered frames from 1 to 4 and that should help smooth out any stuttering you are experiencing.