"Slider" Unique Grenade Mod

Anyone ever hear of the slider grenade. I see it listed on this fan-made loot spreadsheet but I have never heard of or seen this grenade. the spreadsheet says you can get it from a mission called big league hugh, which is a mission I have never heard of either. Is it in the game but unobtainable? maybe from a cut side mission?

Might also be a fake inserted so the author can spot plagiarists.

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I don’t remember ever putting this in the spreadsheet. I’ll take it off for now but I’m sitting here trying to remember. I didn’t just put it there by making it up though. I’m going to try and find this nade. It might be from pre-alpha footage or something? IDK


thank you @Tonydml, I appreciate it!

@mikeymasterg I have concluded that the nade has to have been from pre-release. It was submitted by two seperate accounts to the spreadsheet submission page so I thought it must be real when it’s looking 99% certain that it doesn’t exist, at least not anymore.


pre-release as in from the promethia/proving ground demos?

Yes, Pre-alpha gameplay I believe. Back when I was skimming through vods to find legendaries and every piece of info on the game I could.

Thank you for looking into it, any chance you have a pic of the item card?

No, I deleted all the form submission images because someone kept reporting them for copyright infringement for no reason. If I haven’t seen an item before, I would’ve saved the submitted image to my pc until I found it in game myself to take a full resolution screenshot. So I’m pretty sure the submissions for that nade didn’t include an image otherwise I would have it saved.

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