Sliding and shooting as Zane / "Speed Drifter"

As any Zane player knows, the new Seein’ Dead class mod made accessing Zane’s kill skills much easier in regular combat situations, especially against tanky enemies and bosses.

An additional side effect of Seein’ Dead proccing kill skills is keeping them up indefinitely with Good Momentum, meaning Supersonic Man’s stock price went WAY up in the process.

Due to these changes, not only are violent momentum based builds strong again, I would argue that they might be Zane’s quickest and easiest mobbing builds.

This video demonstrates a few tips and tricks on how to slide and shoot effectively with 18 different guns, all on Mayhem 4. This same build works with Cold Warrior and Antifreeze as well for those who do not have the DLC.

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Awesome tips on sliding with the speed build! I found a really good flakker that I wanna use and couldn’t figure out how to use it with out killing myself lol also need to work on my clone build again, that was the entire reason I tried Zane first because it seemed like the most fun

I run Double Downer 95% of the time. Theere’s 4% of the time I run version 0.m for bosses I can’t kill in 1 hit and another 1% of the time I run Transformer .

If you run Double Downer killing yourself becomes a non-issue as long as there is a mob to second wind off of or you have your clone for Old-U.

If you aren’t running Double Downer, slide drifting and/or just jumping are easy ways to activate the VM damage for Flakker.

Another way to avoid downing yourself is by teleporting out of the splash radius with your clone after shooting. You cannot slide and swap at the same time, so it takes a bit of timing, but it definitely works. This is demonstrated in the video at 5min 24sec during the Tyrant of Discipline boss fight.