Sliding Kick possibilities

Anyone know of any uses for the sliding kick? I always forget to use it, but it seems like a decent opener.

If you land it, it means you closed distance fast and knocked back your oppoment, while likely dodging fire. If you miss it, it means you just slid over the edge of the map and now have to be rescued or respawn. (Don’t ask me how I know this…)

Don’t worry its happened to me a few times but its no different than a normal B/O/whateverPChas melee other than that one is while your run so they gave it a different animation for it which I enjoy. Oh but careful you are running while doing it so you continue moving forward as the melee goes on thus you can fall off the edge as mentioned before

Idk what either of you are talking about, I’ve never had it go further than a couple yards.

Is it worth using as an opener? Or is it just a cool animation with no uses? It seems to move faster than sprinting, it feels like if I use it to close the final gap it would be a better means of getting to my foe than simply running and then attacking.