Slif_One is back and looking for new coop partners!

Yeah, that ^ Some of you know me, and some of you have even played with me, but most of my old coop partners are either from differing timezones or don’t play anymore. So, I’m looking for OP8 players to group up with, please no silly glitches or modded gear, and no BAR if it’s some illegitimate extraordinarily high amount. Other than that I can do anything, raids, DigiPeak, general mobbing, missions, challenges, even the dreaded Magic Slaughter: Badass Round. I main Maya but can play anyone and prefer Krieg when with another Siren.


Good to see you back Slif!

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Ah good. Love phase snipe rezzing

Cheers mate! You got a mic? I’ll invite you next time I see you on!

I think I know what this means, and if it’s what I think I love doing it too lol.

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Feel free to add me for I play often. Currently only have one OP8 which is Maya

Maya’s the only OP8 you need :stuck_out_tongue: What’s your PSN? Mine is the same as on here.

Looking forward to Phoebe Operation together, Slif.

Meanwhile, best of fun on Pandora to you :dukeaffirmative:

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hey im currently leveling up a zero to op8 after a long time away add me if you want psn is IdlePhantom

I’m looking forward to that too, and I’ll be playing ONLY Phoebe! Feel free to join me on Pandora some time, we have planets and stars here lol.

@IdlePhantom I have a shocking memory lol try remember to add me haha. What level is your Zer0?

currently lvl 23 as prefer to not powerlevel and just grind the story up

I would like to play with new people as well ! Add me on ps4 GT: TaM74luck . I would appreciate if someone could give me an unkept harold if they had an extra . I hope to see you in my friend’s list :smiley:

hey what do you tend to play class wise

Kamehameha69- psn

Don’t do it Slif. Just…don’t go there :sob:

edit: I just looked up and realised there are 3 people in this thread i’ve played B2 and BB with :smile: Small world…


PSN - ace31ma
Just started playing handsome collection. Looking to grow list of fellow pandorans

I did it last night with @Ginger_greninja. I couldn’t tell you how many times we failed but it was a lot lol, we were pretty much going one for one on deaths until I died on wave 5 and Ginger just went ham on the orc round and smashed it with limited PL support as I was eating dinner lol, it was epic! Had an Ogre drop too!


Now onto the Magic of Childhood!

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I particularly only use gunzerker.

Psn - Kitty_Hellfire. Many OP8 toons happy to do anything

Okay I’ve added everyone here. I’ve noticed some of you are not at, or not playing at, OP8 yet, forgive me if I sound rude lol but I only have OP8 toons and have no intention of doing a fresh playthrough. Once you get to level 72 though I can help you get to OP8 and also help with gear and builds. I don’t like to power level, you need to experience your character at UVHM before getting power leveled, from 72 though I’ll be your guide lmao.