Slight details about new game mode

Just saw this on Reddit. I don’t really have a good idea of what this “gun game” they’re talking about it, but the maps sound like they could be fun.


Just not enough information. I’m at the point of not trusting gearbox that much anymore… I won’t be buying anything till I watch reactions for quite a while…and even then, maybe not. They’re great at publicity and advertising but you simply can’t know how much “adjustment” they’ll do later even if something started fun.


Yea, not much to go on. With the title “Arms Race,” it kinda makes me think it will be like a hunt event. But who knows?


It doesn’t sound super exciting so far, but the maps could be really pretty so there are some potential captura moments.

I just want to see the maps. Maps in BL3 are gorgeous I’d love to see what the new one looks like. The actual mode itself sounds like trial rifts or whatever they’re called in D3 where you take a random person’s build and push GRs with it. Only this sounds like it would be with a randomly generated gun?

I’m not sure what to make of this.

I think it might be literally PvE, meaning not only are we waging war on AI enemies, but perhaps other players?

PvE in BL doesn’t make sense.

I’ll wait for BL Show with my excitement about new mode/dlc. Mayhem 2.0 supposed to be fun too based on pre-release info. We all know how it ended up.


I agree, and truly hope this isn’t the case unless there are MASSIVE balancing miracles that happen.

But Randy referencing it’s appeal to 2 different PvP shooters(CoD/Battle Royale) makes me think there will be some degree of PvP involved.

I have been saying for a long time that this game needed some sort of competition, if this is good it could be redeeming.

Just as long as they’re not reskinned areas that we already have. They’ve been really big on reusing assets from previous maps in this game so far. I’d love to see something new.

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Edit: ■■■■ posted this in the wrong thread.

Really not looking forward to this with how he says “standalone mode” It sounds like something to get money from a completely different crowd of players, if it isn’t somehow enhancing the main game or gives me something for my existing characters, I’m really not interested one bit.

Also the sentence"make every gun viable" sounds like just a band aid for the botched up balance from all the guns in the main game, considering if it is indeed a standalone thing it won’t solve any issues.

Alas this is what I meant when I said it looks shady that this new mode is packed together with the new skill trees, so more people will buy it because they want atleast one of the two…


The entire franchise from start to finish has been PvE so far. I think you mean PvP


My guess is still a somewhat randomized mode where you fight through a few rooms, then kill a boss and the proceed to another map. Basically the Binding of Borderlands…

Yes, but in post above was mentioned pve as players and mob. Any kind of player battle sounds weird for me in BL.

Emphasis on everyone in mentioned post lol

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Just saw this on Gamespot:

While Gearbox Software has not divulged the details of Borderlands 3’s newest game mode as part of its upcoming DLC, the studio has revealed its name and small teases of what players can expect. It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve seen in the series to date.

The new mode is called Arms Race and the point of it is, according to Gearbox, “to make every gun matter in a really interesting way.” What exactly the mode is remains unknown, but in an interview with GameSpot, which focused on the first year of Borderlands 3, Gearbox said Arms Race is a standalone mode that will change things up for the looter-shooter.

“Our goal with Arms Race is to make the gun game in our game of millions of guns really matter,” said lead level designer Graeme Timmins. “And I can talk about that game mode for hours. I’m so excited about it, but we’ll have to wait. I’ll say it’s got its own environment and just leave it at that.”

Company CEO Randy Pitchford echoed Timmins’ sentiment, saying Arms Race makes Borderlands 3 feel like “a totally new game.”

“I cannot wait until [we can] share more about this, until people can experience it,” said Pitchford. “Because it’s fricking cool. It’s a totally new game. The way it feels to me, when I play it, it’s like, ‘Holy crap. This changes everything.’ And I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Full details about Arms Race are expected to arrive in October. For the time being, Gearbox made it clear that Arms Race is, at the very least, not a battle royale mode. Pitchford went on to say that Arms Race may not be for everybody, but the new mode might turn the heads of players dedicated to other games. It could suck players back into Borderlands 3 who have already finished its other content.

“So I think some of the folks that maybe are only interested in narrative experiences, we might lose them,” Pitchford said. “But the folks that love the RPG loot and love that gear fighting experience, and also maybe folks who play completely different games… I have a feeling some Call of Duty folks are going to turn their head and go, ‘Wait a minute. What’s this?’ Even some battle royale people are going to go, ‘That sounds interesting. I want to check that out.’ It’s not a battle royale game, though. So we’re not doing that.”


My guesses:

  • Not story driven, but has its own environment, so I suspect some sort of arena/dedicated map

  • Something very gun-centric, based on that “make every gun matter in a really interesting way” tidbit, and claim that it will appeal to COD/BR crowds.

So, something along the lines of:

  • Disable action skills
  • Enable interaction between equipment in different slots, like bonuses for matching sets etc.?
  • Make some sort of deck building angle aspect - can use only what you pick up
  • Give ‘recency’ damage bonus to most recently used gun?
  • Disable reloads - that will immediately make this white gun on the ground very valuable
  • …?

Should be interesting, I’ll give it a shot.

But, will there be a server browser? How will I find a game out of the split MM pools?

Uh…you pretty much just pasted the article that OP’s link led to lol. Not sure if that was your intention or not


Respectfully disagree to saying the game needs a competitive mode. PVP in looter shooters do not have a good track record for being successful and not mucking up the core game. Case in point Crucible out of Destiny.

The problems break down as follows:
1.) Weapon/Gear Balance- oh how we as a community already hate you. In PVE you can get away with being with letting your players be a walking juggernaut. In PvP though you have to be extra careful otherwise everyone either rage quits or it turns into a stale meta of everyone using the same thing (hunters with Stompees wielding the spare rations or revoker and mindbenders ambition or OEM Titans with the same guns anyone?)
2.)The PVE impact of balancing for PVP: Unless you can build a separate sandbox you change one thing it impacts the other environment. Before I quit destiny I watched guns I loved for PVE be nerfed into the ground because they were too good for PVP and vice versa. (Ace of Spades folks?) And frankly gearbox has shown to be on the same competence level as Bungie when it comes to balance.
3.)Loot incentive- How are you going to convince people to play the game? Lock content behind the mode? This worked for destiny because you couldn’t trade items but in a game with trades like Borderlands why not just ask your PVP loving friend to get you that sweet pistol in exchange for that Sniper that you have to grind PVE for. Also we know gibbed exist which leads so anyone willing to mod can just take that route. And finally
4.) How to deal with cheating-anytime you have PVP we know folks are going to break it in the wrong way. There really doesn’t seem to be much reason to fear retaliation as it stands since we can openly advertise mods and cheats on youtube and know the haxors tools exist. What do we expect anti cheat sure but what consequences? Sure you can ban from PVP but again hey gibbed exist so I can still get myself the goodies. Ban from PVE okay I don’t like cheaters but Gearbox has already established a we don’t care tone when you look at the number of threads where people complain about clowns coming in with modded gear.


Yeah, OK, so here’s what happened with that…

By the time I reached the last reply I had sort of, uh, forgot that there was a link. And then I googled the topic and found the article and then I thought, “Hey, maybe this will help people since they seem to have a lot of questions that this article sort of covers”. So I copied the whole article.

So, uh… yeah, my bad. Technically it was my intent to include the whole article but only because I forgot that there was a link.

Oops. :crazy_face:


Just have them let your VH toon port over to Battleborn. Problem solved! :slight_smile: