Slight details about new game mode

Thanks for that actually. Since Gamespot did that clickbait article for DLC2 I try to remember to copy-paste the article instead of linking them and sending people traffic. Although in this case, the article isn’t clickbait so I don’t mind linking it.


4 VH compete to kill stuff with only picked up weapons… each weapon can only be used a limited time so you have to pick another one quick. This is Arms race or something :rofl:

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Competition doesn’t have to be PvP, look at a lot of Zombie/survival modes with simple leaderboards.

I don’t agree with PvP in a game like BL3, how would you even the playing field with gear? This doesn’t even consider the sheer damage gap between VH’s.

I want some sort of competition without PvP.

Fair enough. I took competitive to mean like a ranked PVP. In terms of a zombies with a try to beat my best score okay no problem. That was my fault for making an arse of myself by assuming instead of asking for clarification

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No offense taken :wink:

I could have been more specific

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Not going to write it off just yet, but I was expecting this mode to enhance the endgame, which imo is lackluster and needs a fair bit of work. Instead a separate mode will dilute GB’s attention further.


Probably a hardcore mode, like division 2

Sounds more and more like they are giving up on the base BL3 game.

Why in the world would you tie new skill trees with an “arms race” mode?

Definitely on a wait and see for this. They haven’t even fixed alot of the current bugs, and it is sounding more and more like they won’t.

As an above poster said, they are sounding more and more like Bungie…


I think it’s gonna be a new procedurally generated zone exclusive to Amara players in the form of a race track where we run in circles to find out who’s fastest.

Take my money!!!

Oh wait … they did


A few of things concern me about how they talked about this new mode (All things from the article linked by the OP):

  1. The point of the game mode is “to make every gun matter in a really interesting way.” And “Our goal with Arms Race is to make the gun game in our game of millions of guns really matter.” All quotes from Graeme Timmins. — What does this say about the main game? If this new game mode is meant to make everything matter, then what was the point of making a game of excess and supporting it all this time when it didn’t really matter. A game that is a looter-shooter shouldn’t need a brand new mode to make good on the premise of the type of game it is.

  2. “So I think some of the folks that maybe are only interested in narrative experiences, we might lose them,” quote from Randy Pitchford. — It’s the narrative that has helped Borderlands as a series thrive. If it wasn’t for its characters, how many of us would actually still be playing? The new game mode doesn’t need any heavy narrative implications or anything like that, but I think that Pitchford talking about narrative and losing people here is suspect. If the new mode is quality and adds to the games experience in a positive way, then it having narrative is irrelevant. Why say that it might lose some people before any real details are out?

  3. “But the folks that love the RPG loot and love that gear fighting experience, and also maybe folks who play completely different games… I have a feeling some Call of Duty folks are going to turn their head and go, ‘Wait a minute. What’s this?’ Even some battle royale people are going to go, ‘That sounds interesting. I want to check that out.’ It’s not a battle royale game, though. So we’re not doing that.” — While this could just be Borderlands trying to expand to other’s tastes in games, its odd that the least vague parts of the statement are about people who play other games. I play Borderlands because it’s Borderlands, not because it is trying to do things that other FPS games already do. This is a tricky thing to do, trying to win over new players with features that may be foreign to the franchise without alienating at least some of the original player base. Their track record doesn’t support this going, at the very least, smoothly.

I want to say I am wrong, and I hope this game mode works out, but from what they have said so far, I am left worried.


Black ops gun game ? He did mention COD…

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Seriously though, there’s totally not enough to go on here (though I do look forward to some relief from the current chores involved in keeping all the weapons viable with the current difficulty paradigms, but we’ll have to see what that’s like).

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This is what I’m leaning towards the more I think of it.

Tyreen did say I was a gun slut, maybe I can use this to my advantage??

Pretty vague still, so I don´t hold my breath yet. It´s gonna be interesting though, what a mode looks like that is “interesting/exiting for CoD and Battle Royale Players” but neither is it Battle Royale nor downright PvP, BUT “competitive” in some way. Maybe GBX dreams of pulling a Fortnite, where the original game did ok, but the new mode turned out to be the biggest cash cow in gaming history.
All in all I don´t buy into their exitement, sounds pretty much like all the announcements about Mayhem 2.0 and how EVERYBODY would be going to love it. Like many others I am not so happy with the new mayhem and would prefer if GBX fixed the original game before starting something new. Also putting the new skilltrees into one package with this sounds really fishy to me.

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I could be very wrong, and/or very disappointed, but so far we can only speculate.

A) Game mode has its own environment, and it does not develop on the story.

  • we’re not getting new meaningful quests. There’s no guarantee we’d be getting new maps either, this might be shaped in a kind of “TVHM” mode with a new twist.
  • maybe it’s a kind of survival arena with waves or enemies, though we already have 5-wave/rounds arenas, it’s not “a totally new experience that changes everything”.

B) New game mode should appeal on Battle royale/CoD players, in some way.

  • these games have short sessions, PvP-arcade-type runs, predefined load/gear.
  • maybe new mode involves a permadeath/rogue-like aspect.
  • maybe new mode emphasizes on player competition, so you have to play multi, and the one with “best” score per run gets better loot.

C) New mode makes every gun matter in RPG loot/gear fighting experience.

  • so far we completely ignored white-tier guns, what would make them matter aside from their resell value ?
  • maybe new mode makes you loot “gun parts” instead of guns, or allows to dismantle guns.
  • maybe new mode allows to modifiy in some way the gun/gun parts of existing gear, so you would hold on that crappy gun you found because it has potency to gain xp and be improved.

[edit] Terrible ideas…

  • maybe new mode makes it so you have no bank and restricted inventory, so you can only grab something if you drop something.
  • maybe new mode forces you to have manufacturer allegiance, so you may only loot from patron manufacturer.
  • maybe new mode makes you go into an arena with predefined skills setup, so you can only focus on weapons.

Could just be a start the run with no equipment thing. There’s not much you have to do to make every gun matter
Just take away peoples gear

Anyone played Prey: Mooncrash? This could be Mooncrash… but against other players, potentially.

Makes sense why they would bundle skill trees with this though. If it’s targeting a different audience they still need something to appeal to the people who are already here.

I’ll wait an see, naturally. But i suspect it won’t be for me.

sounds just like cod zombie’s but with enemy’s have guns, as i played few games like that from way it sounds and get bored of them fast myself but if true that only way to get new mods for new tree i feel less motivated for this game mode as hope its not like cod zombies in anyway as they get really old and dried up after 30 minutes to me now…

you be playing against ai by sounds of it, as i heard pvp wont be in thing in the gamemode.