Slightly Suspicious Match

Okay, so I just played a short match of capture with a fair few inexperienced players, except for one thing: Guy on the opposing team was very low rank, and he was playing as Galilea.

Now, I fancy myself to be rather decent at Gali, but here’s a screenshot of the match report:

Reyna was the only one on my team (apart from me) who was rank 100, but look at the enemy Galilea. Yeah. 13 kills, 1 death and 10 assists. Their Steam profile shows they have barely an hour and a half on record. Now I dunno about you guys, but I find this a teeeny bit suspicious. Thoughts?

At least he wasn’t playing Boldur, haha!


How’d he get Gally so quick lol? But, smurf accounts exist. So do prodigies. As well as pocket Mikos and well timed pulls, and that’s without accounting for the bad matchmaking or straight up luck that could be affecting things

Probably an alt account troll

It’s possible he was a smurf and just used a hero key to unlock her. But I find it unlikely considering how small the player base is for this game anyway, and… well… they were just plan bad. They didn’t take It’s Dangerous to Go Alone at level 3, never landed a stun that I saw (and I saw most of their kills) and didn’t take the pull at level 1.

But somehow they managed to kill me at least 4 times. I don’t think I ever saw them take damage on the Death Recap either.

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Sounds sketchy. You’d know in your gut if something was fishy or not better than we would though.

Cheating is rare, or seems to be, but does exist. Of the obvious types of cheating, aimbotting is most common followed by ESP. Actual hacks are, seemingly, less common but do exist and are often quite blatant. Sometimes might be a case of extreme luck but I tend to trust my gut on these things. It’s better here than in any other game I’ve played at least.

Example. Last night while I was helping a friend get Miko assists for Lore, I went Montana and he pocket-Miko’d for me. On three seperate occasions, the enemy Pendles, who was always the same level as us or only one level higher, would attack us 1v2 in the early and mid-game. I think the highest lvls in play were 4-5. I know he never had Miasma though and never used it on is. He also barely ever used Injection. Anyways, he’d decloak to attack my Miko, who would kite around me while I body-blocked and hosed the Pendles in about the head and neck for an exceptional period of time, landing most shots. During each encounter, I was able to get off 2x Lumberjack Dash WITH Stun Procs and 2x Hailstorms. He was still able to kill my Miko without Pendles even coming close to dying, then kill me in a matter of seconds once Miko was dead. To me, as a Pendles player, it was extremely suspicious, especially because the Pendles’ skill level didn’t seem terribly high and he made no attempt to avoid my fire. Each time this happened, there were no minions or buildables anywhere near us, he had no assistance from his teammates, and he never did anything remotely evasive.


As for those asking how he got Gali so quick, ALL characters are unlocked for Battleborn Day, so even a level 3 will have access to everybody in the game, I think even DLC characters are unlocked.


Ah good point

Yeah, I would’ve guessed ESP or some other larger-scale hack granting insane health regen or something. It just really sucks and it kinda ruins my day. Battleborn’s small enough, like why would you even bother to use hacks?


I think I would treat hacking like I would treat drinking. Would be fun here and there. But then I look at the people doing it all the time and just go why? How is that enjoyable all the time? Doesn’t that make you physically ill doing it so much?

Also in both instances I wouldn’t be wearing pants. In case you might be wondering…


Yeah, I can’t relate to their mentality either. There’s instances where I’ll accept or condone some mild hacking, in non-competitive play, if and only if an individual is trying to compensate for a physiological disability that precludes them from achieving the level of skill necessary to play the game otherwise (eg. partial paralysis, some neurological disorders, stuff like that. Basically using it responsibility as a handicap. Barring that, its deplorable to me. It’s an admission to oneself that they’re not as good as other, more experienced players paired with the narcissistic notion that they deserve to be better than everyone else without putting in any of the effort. Really just have no respect for that crap.


Word. The wierd part is too for me if I was to hack it would be fun for only a really short amount of time. Every kill I would make and every time I survived it would just feel so hollow and taste like ash in my mouth. What’s wierd is that there are people that are immune to that particular reaction. That in no way to does it matter how they win only that they win and dominate the opposition

Disclaimer: I have no idea how to hack. And I certainly wouldn’t ever do so especially to a game I love at its current state. In case I NEED to mention that…


Heck, I actually have one of those and I don’t bother to even use aim assist. The whole satisfaction of getting a kill is that you earned it yourself, not that you cheated for it.

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About a decade ago I bought a one month subscription to a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 hack because I wanted to know how to tell who was hacking and how to beat one of those “subtle” hackers who only ESP or aimbot when they know it’s not overly suspicious. I did my research and never did anything morally reprehensible in a game ever again. It was repugnant to even get it for those testing purposes but on the plus side, I learned it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a regular, even pro-level player and a hacker. Easier than people pretend it is. Often times if you accuse someone of hacking people act like hacks don’t exist but they’re everywhere, even here. The other thing I discovered was that there are closet hackers, people who only turn hacks on when they suspect another player is hacking against them. This was something I suspected before I did my lil hacking homework project as I’d often notice a player I’d effortlessly dominate the whole game would suddenly start instagibbing me before I could even pull the trigger.

Anyways, what I’m getting at here is not to marginalize people for pointing out when things are suspicious. If what they’re saying can be explained via in game mechanics its worth pointing them out but most experienced players know what’s normal and what isn’t.


I wouldn’t call aim assist on consoles a cheating.


I call hax0rz on anyone not playing with a dance pad, an NES Rock n’ Rolla, a Sega Advantage, and a steering wheel.


I understand if you use it because it is a lot harder to aim with a controller, but I play with both controller and mouse/keyboard and I just prefer not to have it on.


No rythm guitars? Disappointing. I loved those games…

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Hold the line lemme go find that meme… Ah. Here we go:

I approve of mister tongue approving my post :slight_smile:

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