Slightly Suspicious Match

Well, like what was mentioned before. All characters are unlocked for battleborn day and it could be an alternate account. PC BB don’t cost that much and he could have experience with Gal on the other console he came from. Hmmm… if anything he was probably rolling 21 HP regen on corruption helix + HP Regen on shield pick up and he had regen gear which would give him around 50ish + regen. Also, having a miko on the team probably helped him a lot. If no one in your team was experienced, I could see you guys having issues.

Also… look at this gear, he is using a regen gear a critical gear and no gear for 3rd slot. Crit gear was most likely just a throw in and last slot was no gear which confirms that he only had 1-2 hr gameplay. Don’t think he is sketchy at all

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Without seeing actual footage of the game, it’s pretty hard to tell if this was a legit good player or a hack. Even assuming the player wasn’t a smurf, some players catch on fast or do their homework.

I assume you were playing Capture? Low minions and no masks score. That’s a pretty easy mode to jump into and get some kills, even quicker if the player has previous PvP or MOBA experience. Their team composition is rather solid as well, especially since your team had El Dragon and Kelvin. Dragon’s pretty squishy and Kelvin wouldn’t have many opportunities to maximize and sustain his health, since both of the healers were burst healers. Even more so since you said some of your players were inexperienced.

Not saying there definitely wasn’t something fishy going on, but it could easily have just been a fluke match up of team comp and a quick learning player. Happens sometimes.


I don’t want to sound obnoxious here, but it has to be said anyway: 13-1 with Gali in Capture is nowhere near an astonishing score. It’s about what I’d expect of any Gali player who plays well and aggressively with a few weaker enemies to prey on. She’s performing about on par with the Mellka and Mike on her team, too.

Edit: as far as the Gali being low rank goes, there are plenty of explanations-

Gali is one of the easiest melee to score high with, as her melee spin has a massively forgiving hit box, and her AE has a tendency to kill steal.

The player may also have been levelling a second account (it happens!)

They may also have had advice from friends, or they may simply have been a talented player…


We definitely played some smurf accounts last night. I mean we won, but there’s no way that level 2 players know how to melka.

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That IS suspicious!!!
DAMN suspicious!!!
I thought Robin Williams was dead!!!

Too soon, man. Too soon.

Shut-up Toby.


Yeah, but with only 1 1/2 hours of playing time? Unless they’re some kind of battleborn prodigy, it’s got to be a smurf account.

I watched my son (command rank 6 at the time) roll out multiple double kills with Oscar Mike over the weekend. He just figured it out faster than his opponents.

Some players just pick it up.

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It’s oscar mike though. He’s by far the easiest to get used to if anyone actually needs time to get used to cod.

that, or simply, he could’ve watched a youtube video how to play her, like eden said, gali isn’t hard to learn, if you know when to raise your shield und when to attack, you’ll propably do fine with her even if youre low CR, especially with a poket miko