Slot machine bugs: All items are low level

I’ve been playing a bit now and I am on level 19 but the slot machines only turn out level 13 items. The slot machine price is still $209 since level 13 as well. Is this some sort of cap on the level, or some sort of known bug?
Is anyone else having this issue?

Never actually tried the vending machines, so will have to check that. I do know that the loot in the lockers and boxes doesn’t stay levelled with the player, whereas the vendor and golden chest items do.

Edit: Ok, level 22 Nisha, on “Watch Your Step” @ level 21, and getting level 19 gear from lockers and slot machines.

Edit 2: Level 26 Jack, on "Beginning of the End @ level 26, and getting level 24 gear from lockers and slot machines.

Edit 3: Level 33 Clappy, main story complete, getting level 27 gear from lockers and slot machines (NVHM)

What story mission/level do you have? I don’t think you’ll get higher slot machine loot until you complete a mission that triggers a level reset for Concordia.

were you playing with another person, I haven’t checked really on TPS yet but on BL2 the slots were based off of the hosts level.

Are you replying to me or @brandynmh ? I do know that in BL2 UVHM lockers and vending machines were always at level, but I don’t think I ever really checked NVHM. The numbers I gave above are all solo NVHM TPS.

It was in reply to @brandynmh, yeah in Bl2 solo all weapons were probably around 3-5 levels close to your level but this is including enemy drops. Lockers and vending machines were most of the time at your level and were sometimes a level or 2 behind but I never saw a weapon that was lower then your level from the slots. However in the slots in 2 it went off of the hosts level so if you were playing with a lower/higher person that was host you would have a weapon lower/higher than you. I would assume TPS slots are the same way and if the OP was playing solo the only thing I could think of is there must have been some small glitch where the slots didn’t recognize the increase in levels.

Just figured out the issue. The loot items from the slot machine seems to level with the main quest only. The last main quest I did was something like level 15 so I kept getting level 13 items even though I did a crap ton of side quests. Now that I have moved forward a bit the slot machine is giving out level appropriate items. Thanks for everyone’s help!

Great! That’s pretty much what I thought was going on - glad it wasn’t a glitch.