Slot Machine Ratios

Here’s what they are right now.

  • Orange Weapon 0.02%
  • Purple Weapon 0.15%
  • Blue Weapon 1.5%
  • Green Weapon 15%
  • White Weapon 20%
  • Eridium 2.5%
  • Double Eridium 0.75%
  • Triple Eridium 0.25%
  • Money 25%
  • Grenade 7.5%
  • Skin - 5%
  • Nothing - 20%

Here’s what I would change:

  • Grenade -1.5%

  • Orange Weapon +0.08

  • Purple Weapon +0.42%

  • Blue Weapon +1%

  • Green Weapon -5%

  • White Weapon +5%

  • Money -5%

  • Eridium +2.5%

  • Double Eridium +1.75%

  • Triple Eridium +0.75%

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Do you have a source for those numbers? Only some of them are oddly specific, yet the total doesn’t add up to 100%. If they’re based on observation (ie recording a bunch of slot machine pulls) it would be good to know how many trials the numbers were averaged over.

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The best source I’ve seen for this is at Slot Machine stuff which ties up roughly with the numbers above.

22k+ spins! :open_mouth:

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That makes my head… spin.

I’ll get my coat and see myself out.


Thanks for that, given the monetary cost, they could buff the higher rarity stuff x10 and you probably wouldn’t even notice…

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I know for a fact that I can’t possibly have played the slots that many times, but I’ve never gotten the legendary weapon Jackpot. So yes, that could easily be increased by a factor of 10 in my view!


Same here! Often get 1 symbol away but nothing! Occasionally get excited with a One Armed Bandit Goliath but then I remember the slots never display correctly after they die!

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The one armed bandit machines don’t display correctly? I did not know that…

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When the Goliath carrying them dies you spin the machine and it regularly shows 3 x but pays out something different! Maybe my game is broken? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very true.