Slot Machines Bugged or Inconsistent Rewards?

The Slot Machines in Moxxi’s seem inconsistent. I don’t mean in terms of random chance from gambling. Yesterday I gambled on slots for probably 5 hours, yes I was bored and waiting for friends. I hit the Jackpot Money (three $'s) on Cash Trap, 6 times in a row, considerably increasing my wallet. I noted that I did not have any money increase artifact on, each stack gave approximately $324k. Today, I hit the jackpot a couple times and it only gives about 100K. The single reward yesterday was about $9k and today is barely $1K. What gives? The patch happened before my gambling spree so that couldn’t have affected it. I have been online the whole time so that didn’t do it either.

Also, I gamble for class mods because that drop rate is so damn low. And as a Zane, I really need good gear. Thanks.

Edit: Just played the eridium slot for 30 rolls and didn’t win anything a single time. Statistically should have hit at least two-of a kind once.