Slotmachine should drop junk item to ground :0

At ender phase. if don’t wanna lose 1m or 2m or 3m per reskill and die. and Need to farm eridium and skill scroll . a slot machine is only one way to do it.


We must have at least 5 space inventory . to pick up a stuff and must open bag again to drop it on ground . and that … emm … I just dot dot dot about it

Last night I am at slot machine all night for drain my 24m to 3 m . bcouz sometime I must host a game and I don’t wanna make ppl disappoint or angry . couz I leave game and shutdown a stage
couz I don’t wanna lose 2.4m per revive. and when I drive something. I love to drive it to the end and I wanna try new build too .

so Lets get to a point. I ask for not keep item grade is below purple. just drop it to the ground like
its drop a bomb to us. and purple grade and lego grade must pick up directly . that wil helping
me a lot !

anyone wanna see it happen like me. please cheerio this thread and show your hand up
~\ ’ O ’ /~ meow