Slow content release? Here are the numbers - Edited for a mistake

i’m sorry, but i don’t agree with this at all. it seems to be presented in a misinformed way.

events are not even close to be comparable to 2 DLC packs and a new VH.

the base game had no raid boss on release, the takedown might aswell be content deliberately delayed to keep player engagement.

MH4 difficulty is basically just a part of a balance patch, would be hardpressed to call it new content when we compare it to 2 DLC expansions and a VH.

so that leaves us with Moxxi’s DLC. (which again, had no raid boss - BL2 had, idk, 5? that this point)

i’m also pretty sure BL2 had events aswell.

this post just seem to prove that their post release approach worked. spacing out and drip feed events and cut content to make it seem more than what it is. that said, while i’m a bit disapointed i do appriciate what they given us.


I don’t know why you think BL2 was released in August 2012?

It was released on September 18, 2012 and had, on this day, January 20, 2013, the following add-on content:

Gaige, DLC Scarlet, DLC Torgue, Creature Slaughter Dome, DLC Hammerlock. Including base game that’s 7 raid bosses, as a side note.

Whereas BL3 has Maliwan Takedown, DLC1.
Bloody Harvest is comparable to a Headhunter pack at best. While it is free and added a few weapons/anointed perks, it was limited for a specific time, and I’m unable to play the area whenever I want.
M4 was tied to the Takedown and the recent scaling event isn’t content at all, actually.

We should just stop the fanboyism and come to realize that BL3 atm is in no way comparable to BL2 regarding its add-on content.

By the way, the Pre-Sequel had the following content on January 20, 2015:

Jack, DLC Holodome, Shock Drop Slaughter Pit.

Aurelia was released on January 27, 2015 and DLC Claptastic Voyage on March 24, 2015.


If you can remember them, or find them, I’d happily add them.

Thank you for the correction. I’m going to correct the OP.

I had pulled it from Wikipedia, and looks like I misread the date for the 4 comic release that was tied to it.

That certainly changes things.

OP edited. Added Creature Slaughterdome and The Pre Sequel.

Thanks again for the corrections.

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Like I did here?

Gosh, it’s almost like you’re so angry that you haven’t even bothered to read what I wrote. I have already conceded this.

Yeah, this is a funny thread and all but seriously Mayhem 4 is not content. Mayhem 4 is a response to the majority of players disliking mayhem modifiers and it was stuck in as an adjunct to Mayhem 2.0 or whatever is coming…

Calling M4 new content is like calling a simple gun buff new content. It’s not. It was a number change.

Seems like the rest of this post had been pretty well addressed.

/Silly cap.

While all the arguing is centering around dates, there are some items missing from the point/counterpoint going on here.

  1. This game came with a lot more features than BL2 released with. Some of them, BL2 received later (difficulty increases, quest reset, etc.), but some are completely new (modular action skills, secondary fire modes, mounting, etc.).

  2. Each of these increases the complexity of any changes made, which means they will take more time in development. It takes longer to fix a car than a bicycle. It takes more work and care to add RAM to a computer than to plug in new speakers.

  3. The base game seems to have been rushed to release, meaning there are big issues that need fixing. The game basically functioned at launch AS IF they had released BL2 in early August. (This is a problem, to be sure, and shouldn’t have happened. But the answer to a rushed release is not to demand they rush all subsequent releases, too – that’s repeating the same mistake.)

The game has problems. Sparse content is ONE of them, to be sure, but not one that can be fixed FIRST. We can either keep playing with the understanding that the original release was too early and untested… or we can take a break and come back when the amount/quality of content is to our liking.


I agree with everything you said there @ bmc0607

Several things that this game has either came later or not at all in the other games. Notably the circles of slaughter - we have three of them at drop whereas the other games had them come out as DLC.

Same for mayhem. Sliding difficulty was something that came later for BL2. That’s why I’m counting mayhem 4 as content because I’m also counting the UVHM drop as content, and it is quite similar.

But, to the rest of your post, I agree that the game came out rushed and they need to resolve a good number of issues/bugs. This post was originally created because I wanted to see if it was true what people were saying about the content quantity. If I hadn’t screwed up the date initially, the OP would have read a lot more like it does now - more critical.

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I think I recall Fink’s Slaughter came with release.

Which, I will add, one of my favorite feature of BL3 is that the Circles are repeatable!

In BL2 on UVHM I had to have my grp quit out(and therefore disband) and not turn the quest in just to repeat it! Same with Hyperian Circle.

Murderlins was fun and repeatable but had nothing to do with the topic.

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On Sept 18th of 2012 Borderlands 2 has the following content available for play: splitscreen on console

Regarding BL3 I feel that now that we’re 120+ days in maybe a third of the players feel that content is available. Until they fix the ui and add vertical as an option many people feel that content isn’t available yet.

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All I know is, I have easily gotten my monies worth out of BL3 Thus far. Base game + DLC purchased.
Id guess to say Ive gotten over 200 hours spent playing. Add on the time spent while at work reading the forums and builds and ideas. Things that have helped me pass time that relates to me buying the game.

I am anxious for more content, but not one bit upset about what Ive gotten so far.


I haven’t seen mention of this elsewhere. Apologies if I missed it. Does anyone remember the BL2 $100k Loot Hunt ? That was good fun :slightly_smiling_face:

As someone who still returns to BL1/BL GOTY/Enhanced to this day, we seem to have forgotten it ever existed! All dates for PC.

Borderlands base game - 20 Oct 2009
DLC1 - The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned - 9 Dec 2009
DLC2 - Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot - 7 Jan 2010
DLC3 - The Secret Armory of General Knoxx - 25 Feb 2010
DLC4 - Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution - 28 Sept 2010
Enhanced - 3 Apr 2019

And just to remind “newcomers” :smiley: , Borderlands didn’t have a proper endgame until the excellent DLC3 introduced its’ endgame activities (Armoury, Circle of Duty, Crawmerax). The Knoxx DLC(3) should really be mentioned in the same breath as the Tina and Claptrap DLCs.

If we’re comparing, BL1 had 3 DLCs out, give a day or two, by this point in its lifetime. But does the release of new content really make any diference to the longevity of the game? Why do people continue to stream BL2 five years after the last Headhunter pack? Why do I still love starting up a Lil or Brick and geting off the bus yet again after 10 years? It must be more than a release schedule.

I thoroughly enjoy the new iteration of Borderlands “combat mechanics” but, as a “campaign player”, I am frustrated by the rush to endgame taking away progression through multiple playthroughs. For those who like endgame, it seems that GBX aren’t providing the content you’d expect from an endgame-oriented game (Destiny, Division et al).

So, this topic has been a very interesting stroll down memory lane, and I’ve enjoyed it, but I don’t think that it explains the mixed feelings many of us have over the game. That’s something a bit deeper and less tangible.


That’s a very good question, so let me try to list a few things I think contribute to that hard to express feeling:

  • It’s different enough - lots of players seem to expect more of BL2, and it’s not a carbon copy of that. I had similar reaction to BL2 coming from BL1 - I expected more of BL1 and got something else. It took me years to warm up to BL2.

  • Too many choices: lots of guns are good during story playthrough, IMHO. As a result, you can have this feeling of missing out - in BL1/2 I quickly figured out that some things are vendor trash or not to my liking, and were not worth experimenting with (not 100% true, but it was good enough heuristic). Here I am frequently struggling whether to keep it - it is very likely to be good/fun/useful, but I don’t have time to experiment with it.

  • New skills/mechanics: multiple action skills, synergies across trees, COMs boosting non-purchased skills, COMs not having strong identities, mantling, sliding, slamming, anointments. In BL1 it was obvious that Mercenary COM meant SMGs, and Gunslinger was for pistols. Here I have to think much more and that subtracts from the mindless fun I came to expect and enjoy.

  • Story - twins just annoy me.

  • Soundtrack - it’s good, but I have no idea why, it just does not POP. I barely notice it. Same settings on my game/sound system, but BL1/2 music is there, while BL3 is like listening through a pillow.


I honestly think it doesn’t mather how much content BL 3 releases in a certain time compared to BL 2.
Did Gearbox make promisses? I don’t know to be honest.
When i buy a game i don’t buy it with the expectation that i will be able to purchase DLC’s a few months later.
The prize of BL 3 is totally justified for the amount of content it offers. I think thats all that mathers.

I thinks the reasons are very different for each player. My main problem for example is that i reach max level way to fast.
At the same time @CharmlessBee dislikes totally different things than me.
When i look at the points he made i mostly can’t disaggre more (only about the twins i agree).

I also think the main reason why player numbers are dropping (if they are. I have no idear) is not because of bugs, nerfs to weapons (like this threat wants to sell me RIP Ion Cannon it was fun while it lasted) or bad game design.
You just reach end game a lot faster and start farming the perfect gear sooner which leads to getting throug the end game faster.
Once players have done everything they just leave.
If Gearbox had already released 2 DLC’s things wouldn’t really be different. Players would have already completed it, they would already have farmed the newest stuff and they would already beaten the new raid boss a thousand times (if it had one).


Fink’s and Ore Chasm were both included in the main game at launch. Creature Slaughter Dome was a pre-order bonus at launch.


Absolutely agreed (and with most of your post, actually). It is demonstrably true that BL3 has taken a different approach to progression as compared to its three predecessors. It seems to me that the change will lead to players finishing and leaving the game, as you point out, unless GBX also embraces the “games as a service” model, constantly feeding those players something new to do. GBX do not seem to have been particularly successful at that, to date.

I’ve been wittering on about the lack of progression in a number of topics :roll_eyes: . In one I wondered if the endgame route is the right one to keep Borderlands players involved in the long term. We shall see.


Borderlands isn’t a MMO like Destiny so I don’t know why anyone would expect its end game to look like Destiny’s or Division. I don’t have any experience with Division but I have at least 5K hours in Destiny 2 and comparing it to Borderlands is like comparing an orange with a grapefruit, in that, just because they are both citrus doesn’t mean they should be treated the same. :grin:

I like the BL3 end game. We have varied and interesting bosses to farm, proving grounds of different degrees of difficulty, circle of slaughters of different degrees of difficulty, and a challenging raid1. BL3 at launch had more end game content than the original Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and BL-TPS had at their launches. BL-TPS is particularly memorable because at launch the bosses weren’t farmable because they didn’t respawn because 2K Australia took it upon themselves to “fix” the Borderlands formula by reasoning that once a boss has been killed it’s illogical that it would magically exist again. So I hope the people complaining about boss farming in BL3 now know that once upon a time there were no bosses to farm in a Borderlands game. The BL-TPS bosses debacle? Now that’s a real scenario of no end game. By any reasonable standard of a Borderlands game, at launch BL3 is head and shoulders above its predecessors, and when compared to BL-TPS at launch, they are not even in the same solar system.

1 Not currently because it’s been temporarily nerfed :cry:


that’s an odd way of looking at it. GBX still released content that took development time to make. Of course it’s added content