Slow or just crap texture rendering

Anyone else noticing really slow or just crap texture rendering lately? I gave the box a hard reboot a couple days ago and it was fine but it’s starting again. I’m running an Xbox 1.

I honestly haven’t. I do, however, fully quit the game and shut down the console (ie not standby or fast start mode) every time I use it. I am generally a little suspicious about file caching on the XB1 due to the well known issue of various games telling you there’s no room to save a file when there clearly is - had that with multiple RPG games. It wouldn’t surprise me if something similar was taking place with BL3 - I wish there was some sort of file activity monitor built-in.

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I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when I put the disc back in it jumps to the menu instead of going through the loading screen. I thought that was odd, and may have something to do with the issue.

I’m running the digital copy, so no physical disk. But I always use the system menu to quit the game fully before shutting down. That means sitting through endless Claptraps, but I usually go grab a drink while it does that. Maybe check your system settings to see if it’s keeping the game running in background even without the disk in?

Definitely a good idea! I’ll check it tonight, thanks!

You seem to be absolutely correct, I checked the icon when I started the box up and I had the option to quit the game. Seems to have fixed the texture issue. I’ve never had that happen with physical media before… I’m used to quitting when using the various apps never thought to do it with the disc.

Does seem odd, for sure. Is the disk just a DRM key and the game is actually a digital download anyway?

I wouldn’t think so, I bought the thing at the store…