Slow server performance at borderlands franchise on pc platform

Basically the problem is about lag and delay on PC, the time response of the actions in game is totally lagged at the current state of the servers of gearbox. I’ve made this gameplay video to show how awful is to play coop online in borderlands 2, and it is happening on the whole franchise of borderlands affecting borderlands the pre sequel also borderlands goty enhanced. I’m guessing it’s about the lack of a good infrastructure on gearbox servers, because the video bellow have been made with my brother at the same house to expose how horrible/terrible is nowadays to play cooperative online especially on borderlands 2.

See the comparative video for yourself and it’s impossible to play at this state of lag, I even tried playing on lan connection mode with my brother in our house but the lag was inevitable.

I hope this connection server problem won’t be on borderlands 3, because the current state of the servers are in really bad condition. Please Gearbox fix and improve your infrastructure servers to avoid this problem.

Link for the video on YouTube:

Hey there - moved you to the right spot.

Just so you know, Borderlands 2 is NOT a server-based game. Other than checking in with the SHIFT system for updated rewards, and connecting to your platform (I’m guessing Steam in your case) for friends and on-line match-making, all game play is host-based.

So, if you are experiencing in-game lag while playing solo or co-op, it is NOT a server issue. It could be a graphics issue, or a poor network connection from whoever is host in a session to one of the other players.

I’ve also seen some pretty bad lag where someone was basically using their cell phone and tethering for on-line play.

If you browse through this section (PC Tech Support) you’ll fund multiple threads were people have found solutions for graphics issues, input lag, and audio/video related problems.

You can also file a support ticket to see if they have any information that might be relevant to resolving your performance issue given your specific hardware configuration.

If you post the details of your setup (OS, graphics card, CPU, driver versions) some of the PC regulars here may also be able to help you out.


Maybe i’ll try the support ticket I don’t know yet.